Month: July 2019

Jul - 16

Guest Groups: Chandy Eye Candy

Replacing obsolete or dull light fixtures is among the simplest ways to freshen up your space, whether you are a tenant or homeowner. And you can take the new light with you if you move later. Utilize a chandelier to…

Jul - 11

Discover the Power of Prisms

I have something about rainbows, so it stands to reason that I love prisms. My mother always had some of them hanging in our kitchen window once I was growing up, and I still remember the dabs of vibrant color…

Jul - 08

Color Guide: How to Use Turquoise

The turquoise evokes Caribbean water and Tiffany boxes. It’s deemed soothing and can be employed in some mental health centers to create a serene atmosphere. Many colours which aren’t turquoise are often referred to as turquoise. Turquoise isn’t light blue,…

Jul - 05

Demilune Tables Bring On Complete Elegance

As graceful as their name suggests, demilune tables have held high status among their console counterparts. In French, “demilune” means “half-moon,” a picturesque description of these tables’ semicircular shape. They combine an elegant, feminine type using space-saving performance — because…

Jul - 01

10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Resale Value

With property prices not what they once were, to put it mildly, it is just natural for homeowners preparing to sell to be thinking of ways to up their house’s value. However, it simply doesn’t make sense to throw money…