Month: November 2018

Nov - 13

Iconic Indoor Furniture Moves Outside

If the idea of shifting an LC3 armchair outside gives you the cold sweats, take center; Design Within Reach’s new outdoor pieces might seem as though they should be in a temperature-controlled environment free of children and liquids, but they’re…

Nov - 11

Spanish Colonial–Modern Union at California

“Up to Spanish colonials proceed, sometimes you walk and it has been perfectly preserved. You walk and it has been goofed up. This one was a little of both,” says interior designer Charmean Neithart of the Pasadena, California, home. She…

Nov - 03

Colorful Cape Cod

For 15 years, homeowner Carey Nielsen lovingly renovated her 1950s Cape Cod home and stuffed it with vibrant inspiration. “My children were young at the time we moved,” she states,”so I felt a powerful demand for bright, daring and fun…

Nov - 01

Home Building: The Case for Optimism

Question: What do you get when you place the chairman of the Federal Reserve plus a few thousand home builders in precisely the exact same area? Response: A solid sense that there are a great deal of gray clouds, but…