Category: Budgeting Your Project

Oct - 10

What Causes Changes?

Mortgage rates fluctuate over time as a consequence of the discussion of the supply and demand for cash on the market. For mortgage borrowers, changes in either of these factors impact the interest rate lenders charge prospective homeowners. Obviously, property…

Feb - 26

House Flipping Tips

House flipping is the business of buying and selling houses for a quick profit. It is a lot easier to flip a house in an escalating market, but if you do your homework and have a fantastic eye for deals,…

Feb - 20

Can I Buy a Home With Credit Card Debt?

Credit cards, and how you use them, are a huge part of your overall credit score and history. Responsible use of a few cards demonstrates that you handle credit well, and may make you a higher score. Irresponsible or excessive…

Oct - 24

A Guide to Preventing Foreclosure

In the event that you've fallen behind in your mortgage payments, that doesn't imply foreclosure is unavoidable. Lenders would much sooner have you ever paying them than take the house off your hands and try to sell it, which gives…