Category: Eclectic Homes

Jun - 13

Guest Groups: Fun Felts!

One of the oldest fabrics, felt has been enjoyed through the ages by many cultures around the world. (The nomadic tribes of Ghengis Khan even used it to fashion their yurts.) Extremely malleable, this non-woven cloth can be left as…

Dec - 02

Designer's Touch: 10 Cozy Dens

The den has been situated under the shadow of the room for far too long. It is high time rearrange, repaint and to redesign your den to make it glow. Try your hand at a few of these designer suggestions…

Nov - 25

Minimalist Modern Box House at São Paulo

Architect, furniture designer and Brazilian tastemaker Guilherme Torres was instantly attracted to his box home’s creative pedigree. Located in the fashionable Jardins area of São Paulo, Brazil, the area used to house the Group of Brazilian sculptor Victor Brecheret, the…

Nov - 01

Home Building: The Case for Optimism

Question: What do you get when you place the chairman of the Federal Reserve plus a few thousand home builders in precisely the exact same area? Response: A solid sense that there are a great deal of gray clouds, but…

Oct - 09

Guest Picks: Cozy Up Your Space to Winter

Cooler weather is upon us and soon most of us will be spending far more time indoors than outside. With the temperatures dropping it is only natural to start feathering the nest a little. Here are an assortment of pieces…