Category: Furnishings

Jul - 02

How to Finish Oiled Wood

Oils are employed as a wood finish for many different reasons. Oils repel moisture, deepen a wood’s natural color without altering it, and can be among those few kinds of finishes that leave a wooden item in a food-safe state.…

Dec - 22

Refinishing a Black Lacquer Oriental Side Table

It could be completed with urushiol if you have an old and precious black oriental side table. That’s a very long shot it’s more likely that your table has been sprayed with nitrocellulose lacquer. This finish is durable, particularly when…

Dec - 08

The Ideal Way to Fix a Pool Crack

Pool cracks are stressful. It takes just a little creativity to worry about your backyard ruined by a pool. Fortunately, surface cracks can be repaired by you until they become problems. Repairs need multiple steps so allow a few times…