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Sep - 21

Kitchen of the Week: Cheerfully Modern in Oregon

Whimsical, white and contemporary, this cheerful kitchen was designed with substances hand-picked by the customers. From the start, they knew that they wanted a contemporary all-white design with timber floors and pops of colour to ensure it is warm and…

Sep - 10

Double Up on Dual Beds

Attempting to figure out how to create more sleeping room for visitors, or maybe your growing brood of children? Rather than considering a renovation or move, reevaluate your distance: You may be able to fit two double beds in 1…

Sep - 05

Idea of the Week: Crucial TV From the Tub

If you have a bath tub with this setup, odds are you will not ever want to get out. Tucked within a cozy alcove, creamy marble, a gorgeous wall mural, and vintage-looking fixtures combine to produce the perfect image of…

Sep - 02

Style Dilemma: My Kitchen Needs Help!

After we received this Layout Dilemma out of Houzz user Christina (such as this snapshot from move-in day) I understood why she was looking for help. Since it is for most homeowners, a complete remodel is not in the cards…

Jul - 06

Houzz Tour: Soothing and Minimal in Austin

Smack-dab in the center of a traditional-style housing development out of Austin, this modern home might look a little out of place at first. The customers bought the property since they adored the north Austin location, however they were not…

Jul - 04

10 Places To Move Bold With Layout

Injecting pattern into an area is a fantastic way to add interest and express your personality. From big surfaces to smaller accessories, which range from programs that demand a significant commitment to items that allow you to just examine a…