Month: June 2019

Jun - 28

Designer Eclectic Co-op in Manhattan

Interior designer Joshua Greene has been a style reporter for Women’s Wear Daily (and even had his own line of men’s shirts!) Before attending a motivational summer-long architectural program at Harvard — but the style universe has always fascinated him.…

Jun - 23

11 Kids' Beds Built in Dreamland

It is often difficult for kids to go to bed. Make bedtime more enticing with a canopy fit for a princess, a tucked-away bunk bed that feels just like a key fort or a bed wrapped in a playhouse. The…

Jun - 20

Tune In to the Music of Architecture

It is a truism that structure is, as Goethe so famously noted, “frozen music” Just as in music, design has rhythm, beat, cadence, tone, style, etc.. And just as in music, structure can be gotten slowly, fast, forcibly, gently, sweetly,…

Jun - 16

Charming Vintage-Industrial Oregon Studio

Jamie and Erin Osborne’s studio flat is what was once retail firm Meier and Frank’s warehouse in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s, Pearl District. The historic 1923 building was converted into residential flat lofts and condominiums a few short years…

Jun - 13

Guest Groups: Fun Felts!

One of the oldest fabrics, felt has been enjoyed through the ages by many cultures around the world. (The nomadic tribes of Ghengis Khan even used it to fashion their yurts.) Extremely malleable, this non-woven cloth can be left as…

Jun - 08

15 Couches That Dare to Be Different

I really don’t know youpersonally, but I’ll wager that we have nearly identical couches: some edition of brownish (mine is Otter), beige or grey. Two or three cushions and a cushioned arm to lean up against. However, it does not…

Jun - 05

Alluring All-White Rooms

I love colour. I love it independently or all mixed up. I really like it in patterns, blocks and splotches. But I think my very first love is the all-white room. A white room could be contemporary or cabin. It…