Month: December 2018

Dec - 30

Fantastic Design Plant: Paper Birch

Winter evaluations a plant’s all-around beauty. It is a tough test for the showiest of deciduous trees, but the paper birch shines year-round. Its paper-like white bark stands out from the rest of the trees, while it’s surrounded by other…

Dec - 23

Butt Hinge

A butt hinge joins a door and a jamb in the surfaces which abut. The plates of a butt hinge hook to the wood with screws and take the weight of the swinging door by pivoting on a pin. 360…

Dec - 21

Build a Beautiful Platform Deck at a Weekend

There aren’t many things better than partying down with family and friends, but our small home’s current design is not ideal for hosting even 1 individual — let alone an entire bunch. While our interior is highly lacking in the…

Dec - 16

Solve Privacy Issues With Window Film

With summer in full swing, you might want to maintain some window shades available to make the most of the cheerful light and long times. But if you would like to also preserve a sense of solitude, consider window movies…

Dec - 14


Originating in the New England region of the United States, a saltbox home has a roof with two distinct pitches, one steep and one tender. Typically the chimney is set at the center of the peak of the steeper roof.…

Dec - 10

Ecofriendly Kitchen: How to Select Flooring

Going green with your own kitchen flooring brings benefits beyond which makes you feel great about your choice. Durability is the biggest prize. Think of homes with wood flooring which may be nearing a century old — this can be…

Dec - 07

Garden Design Gets Down to Details

Details often determine a purchase: the stitching on a jacket, the buttons that are neat onto a toaster or the smooth metal trim on an iPhone. Gardens are the same — these tiny touches of brilliance at the details finish…

Dec - 02

Designer's Touch: 10 Cozy Dens

The den has been situated under the shadow of the room for far too long. It is high time rearrange, repaint and to redesign your den to make it glow. Try your hand at a few of these designer suggestions…