Color Guide: How to Use Turquoise

Jul - 08

Color Guide: How to Use Turquoise

The turquoise evokes Caribbean water and Tiffany boxes. It’s deemed soothing and can be employed in some mental health centers to create a serene atmosphere.

Many colours which aren’t turquoise are often referred to as turquoise. Turquoise isn’t light blue, it isn’t teal (though it’s a close cousin) also it isn’t aqua — it’s a mixture of light green and blue. Many hot turquoises contain tints that are yellow also. The colour can vary from warm to cool and from vibrant to really, very pale.

Turquoise is a friend to many. It looks amazing with citrus tones, particularly lime. It works with several distinct blues, including navy, and it’s absolutely beautiful with red. It appears often in tropical style from the Caribbean to Mexico, and also in Native American arts and themes. Its cooler type is over midcentury modern layout as well.

Pair turquoise using a bright or warm white and you also get immediate shore. Pair it with an umber or mustard, and you evoke old Mexico. Put it with gold to get instant glamour.

For being such a vibrant, standout colour, turquoise is incredibly versatile and comes in a nearly infinite selection of tones and colors. No matter which version you choose, turquoise is cheerful. It is the ultimate colour.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

Turquoise on the Wall

Like most vibrant colours, turquoise is most often used on an accent wall. It adds so much power and light to the kitchen and dining area.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

This turquoise accent wall using natural timber and warm whites only radiates happiness.

Alan Design Studio

Turquoise doesn’t need to be paired with neutrals. It adds dimension and pop next to those dark coral walls as well.

Judith Balis Interiors

A bluer, paler turquoise functions in a full room and produces a brilliant backdrop for white and black. And doesn’t it look great with that hot pink, also?

Nicole Benveniste Interior Design

Turquoise in its warm, light version is totally relaxing for sweet dreams.

Julie Ranee Photography

Paler still. This is merely the barest tint, but it also adds a soft glow to the very small eating area.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Turquoise gets along with its green and blue brothers. This hallway really brings the family together.

Susan E. Brown Interior Design

Turquoise in the Bathroom

That is about as enthusiastic using turquoise as I’ve ever seen. It’s somehow enlivening and relaxing all at the same time, like carrying a cold dip after a sauna.

Renewal Design-Build

This vanity reminds me with a tiny Tiffany box also adds interest and elegance to a tiny white bathroom.

W.b. builders

Turquoise and gold are fantastic together (believe jewelry). This background is so glamorous in this very small space.

DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Decorating with Turquoise

Turquoise and white come together in this area to make high-glamour beach fashion. Quite Miami.

I adore the way turquoise pops into this very traditional setting. If the desk were natural timber, this may look like a nondescript hotel area. However, with the touch of turquoise, it looks like a fun, tasteful and personal distance.

Life in the Fun Lane

Turquoise is a ideal gender-neutral colour for your nursery. And it’s so satisfied.

How to Make Paper Pompoms

Vintage midcentury modern design shines in turquoise.

Amity Worrel & Co..

Turquoise closets add a modern dollop of colour to the neutral kitchen. The unpainted wood brings out the warmth in this colour.

Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design

Turquoise Outside

A turquoise door looks so beautiful in a tropical setting, but it can work beautifully in Chicago as well.

Lendry Homes

When you see a house this colour, you simply know you are in the tropics.

Bonick Landscaping

Having turquoise accents around the pool just adds to the Caribbean feel. It’s like an insta-vacation.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

It is common to paint the porch ceiling blue to keep insects at bay, however this vibrant shade of turquoise takes it to a whole other level. I don’t have any idea how it impacts the bugs.

Merzbau Design Collective

These terrace seats make me think of sipping a Tom Collins in Palm Springs, circa 1930. Not I was there.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Juneau Spring

Any darker and this very green shade may be teal. Nonetheless, it’s turquoise, through and through.

Benjamin Moore

skydive CSP-700

A slightly grayer variant.

Larchmere 6752, Sherwin Williams

Warm and lively with lots of yellow tones.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Caribbean Cool

A bluer variant, verging on aqua.

Benjamin Moore

Tropicana Cabana 2048-50

Bluer still, but still quite warm.


SW6936 Aquatint by Sherwin-Williams

A soft, pale turquoise. Can’t you just feel the sea breeze?

Benjamin Moore

From the Tropics Paint

A dark blue version. It’s close, but I think it qualifies as turquoise.

Plum and Turquoise Bela Temporary Wallpaper – $74.95

Plum and turquoise! My favorite mix.

Urban Outfitters

Marrakesh Honey Wallpaper – $98

Gold and turquoise. That is classic Hollywood glamour.

Eclectic Wallpaper – $155

A modern take on Navajo layout. It almost resembles art deco.

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