Month: January 2017

Jan - 28

Houzz Tour: Vibrant and a Light Victorian

This Noe Valley house, renovated by Amoroso Style, is filled with surprises. In the front, it’s a a vintage San Francisco Bay region Victorian facade. The house has the look to be one story high and is apparently two rooms…

Jan - 19

Workhorses for Little Spaces

Retrenchment? Live in town? There are numerous reasons why many people are space- . I think the approach in this nation is finally beginning to diverge from your concept that larger is much better. (Thank god!) Dwelling in smaller areas…

Jan - 17

The Sky's the Limit: Outside Rooms

It is astonishing just how many choices can be found today, outside! No longer are we restricted to your patio slab with awful plastic lounge chairs, or a contractor-level deck (not that there’s something wrong with these both!). Sitting rooms,…

Jan - 12

Craving Cozy

The current weather outside is frightful… Ok, perhaps that is somewhat of an exaggeration, but autumn daytime, these blustery do have me hunting for methods to make my house a lot more comfy for the coming winter season. Have you…