Discover the Power of Prisms

Jul - 11

Discover the Power of Prisms

I have something about rainbows, so it stands to reason that I love prisms. My mother always had some of them hanging in our kitchen window once I was growing up, and I still remember the dabs of vibrant color that scattered the wall in the afternoon sun. How prisms bend and scatter light provides even the humblest room a feeling of the sublime.

Urban Earth Design

This is one of the most advanced, striking architectural features I’ve seen in quite a while. A prismatic glass box throws shards of light round the ground, and also its reflectivity creates the illusion that the exterior contents are within the space.

Rikki Snyder

A prism-effect mirror bounces light in all directions and reflects a kaleidoscope of color from the walls and furnishings.

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

A clerestory window highlights the celestial impact of dual prism sconces.

Plain & Fancy by Dandamudi’s

Tiny beveled cabinet knobs light and elevate these worn, weathered doors.

A prism base with the table lamp casts light rainbow streaks using the flip of a switch.

Seeking to add a tiny prismatic soda to your home? Try out these merchandise selections.

Interior Deluxe

Anthologie Quartett Cellula Ceiling Light – $759

This reminds me of this kitchen prisms in my childhood. The light fixture is a new twist on the traditional chandelier using prisms leaking down.

Learning Materials Workshop

Dwellings Color Prisms – $39.99

Colorful prisms look as striking on their own as they do when the light shines through them.

Z Gallerie

Gem Tea Light Holders, Set of 2 – $9.99

Cut-glass tea light holders add a coating of sparkle that contrasts beautifully with the shine of the candles.


Prism Pendant No. 1353 by Quorum International – $62.50

Hang this pendant lamp in a small powder room to spread light across the space and open it up.

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