Guest Groups: Chandy Eye Candy

Jul - 16

Guest Groups: Chandy Eye Candy

Replacing obsolete or dull light fixtures is among the simplest ways to freshen up your space, whether you are a tenant or homeowner. And you can take the new light with you if you move later.

Utilize a chandelier to define an open dining area, brighten a dark corner, make a style statement or mild a dining room. With all the different shapes, materials and textures available, there is a chandy out there for each aesthetic. So, go ahead. Light your way. — Dana out of House*Tweaking

Lamps Plus

Travelers Compass Giclee Plug-In Swag Chandelier – $129.99

Let your light do double duty! Utilize this pendant to decorate your area and add some pattern at the exact same moment.


6-Light New Century Black Chandelier – $140.38

I really like the long, elegant lines of this black chandelier. It’s a casual feel to it, but is classy enough for an official space as well.

Cost Plus World Market

Irving Burlap Shades – $59.99

Why don’t you hang on a trio of burlap shades to act as a textural chandy? This would be a fantastic idea for a dark corner in any room.

Contemporary Chandeliers – $263

Mix and match compounds using this barn light chandelier. It’s rustic, contemporary and fine.


Island Light with Portuguese Glass Shade – $159.99

It’s not accurate, but it plays the role well. I’d really like to cozy up with a novel and Moroccan-inspired pillow under this glass color. It’d work well in the corner of an area dedicated to reading.


Crystorama Lighting 9225-EB Solaris Transitional / Eclectic Mini Chandelier – $172.47

I love the spherical shape of this globe-like fixture. I’d use it to add curves to a space or room using mainly straight lines. Wouldn’t it look grand above a kitchen island?

Hermosa White 3-light Pendant Chandelier – $118.79

Using its scroll-like cut layout, this pendant would throw lots of shadows around a small dining area or feminine bedroom. I’d pair it with warm timber tones for a natural contrast.

Lamps Plus

Golden Bronze Criss-Cross Pendant Light – $199.98

Something about this bronze pendant speaks Greek to me. I love the criss-cross pattern of the metal from the cloth color. Place it above a round dining table to get a hot glow.

Matte Black 4-light Pillar Chandelier – $128.69

Insert some geometry to a rectangular foyer or entryway with this particular square metal chandelier. I’d keep the walls and ceiling lighting in colour and allow the dark metallic framework of this lighting be the center of attention.

Copper/Crystal Pendant Chandelier – $146.69

A contrasting mix of copper and crystal makes this fixture “industrial glam.” I’d really like to see it put above a bathtub, and I believe two of these flanking both sides of a bed would be dreamy.

Metal Rim White Chandelier – $109.79

This slick man would look fine in a modern setting. I’m head over heels for its short, squatty colour with alloy rim!


Roni Wood Chandelier by iTag Studios – $33

This laser-cut wooden chandelier does not offer lighting but is more of an art piece. I’d hang it in a small vignette to add a sense of contemporary whimsy.

Lamps Plus

Granada Polished Brass Pendant Swag Light – $100.91

Easy, easy swag — that is exactly what this Spanish style pendant is about. It plugs into an electrical socket and hangs from the ceiling. I believe this would be a fantastic alternative for a temporary living area. Just don’t forget to take it with you when you move!

Matrielle Oil Rubbed Bronze Three-Light Convertible Chandelier – $178.20

This clean-lined bronze chandelier would look magnificent strung above a petite breakfast or dining nook for a contemporary aesthetic.


Vinyl Wall Decal Glamor Chandelier by Holly – $12

A kid-proof means to add drama to a little person’s space. It’d be a safe alternative to the real thing above a bed or crib.

Elite Fixtures

Capital Lighting 3925BB-468 5-light Chandelier Loft, Bronze – $198

I’d use this in the foyer of a home with a traditional cabin aesthetic. I really like the feel of this cloth canopies!

Arcadian Home

AF Lighting Supernova Chandelier – $190.40

Can you state Midcentury Modern?! This retro lighting has all of the makings of a statement piece that would look great in just about any room: kid’s bedroom, small dining area, home office, etc..

Lighting Direct

Rustic Country Five Light Chandelier – $97.20

The yummy curves of this chandy allow it to be smoky and the turquoise color gives it a youthful texture. I’d use it in a tween girl’s bedroom or in a new and airy dining room.


3-Light Hulton Specialty Pewter Chandelier by Lowe’s – $154.08

A new light that looks old is instant character! I’d use a duo or trio above a kitchen peninsula or island to define the area and add somewhat of an architectural element.


Richmond 3 Light Pendant – $189.15

There’s nothing froufrou relating to this silk and brass chandelier. WIth a scalloped color, it’s a contemporary twist on a traditional design. I can see it working well in a complex master suite.

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