Author: Hisone1956

Feb - 01

The Way to Boost Mushrooms With Household Stuff

The simplicity of this installation is one big advantage to growing mushrooms in your home, and of course how delicious they will taste. You should obtain a mushroom log or pollutants from a respectable mushroom supplier, but the materials you’ll…

Jan - 27

How to Seal Natural Cast Stone Outside

Sealing natural cast stone helps to maintain the stone’s aesthetic qualities and may stave off problems such as efflorescence, etching from acid rain and UV damage. Exterior sealants also protect the stone against damage caused by water infiltration. Achieving a…

Jan - 16

Early & Late Blight-Resistant Tomato Plants

Although few foods top the luscious taste of a vine-ripened tomato picked in your own garden, losing tomato fruits or entire plants to infection can be hugely disappointing. Selecting varieties of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum) that are resistant to diseases…

Jan - 13

DIY Bird Fountain

A trickling bird fountain brings a variety of birds, some of which might have never ventured a wing into your garden. Beyond bird seed, birds seek sources of new water, especially in times of drought. The noise and motion of…

Jan - 10

Tips on Sewing Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtain panels may work on practically any window and may quickly change the texture of an whole room. But commercial sheers can get pricey, and your choices are limited to the layouts produced by manufacturers. Sewing your own can…

Jan - 06

Koi Ponds Annual Cleaning

Spring is a time of rebirth, and it is certainly true for the ecosystem in your koi pond. The pond appears better with all the winter debris removed, and also a clean pond provides a new environment for the bacteria…

Jan - 02

Which Plants Grow the very best at Dirt or Sand?

All living things which grow from the ground require the same essential components to thrive — sunlight, water and nutrients. The latter, got from the soil, are transported via water drawn up through the plant’s origins. While virtually all plants…