Category: Color

Jul - 08

Color Guide: How to Use Turquoise

The turquoise evokes Caribbean water and Tiffany boxes. It’s deemed soothing and can be employed in some mental health centers to create a serene atmosphere. Many colours which aren’t turquoise are often referred to as turquoise. Turquoise isn’t light blue,…

Jun - 05

Alluring All-White Rooms

I love colour. I love it independently or all mixed up. I really like it in patterns, blocks and splotches. But I think my very first love is the all-white room. A white room could be contemporary or cabin. It…

Oct - 13

Guest Picks: Aqua and Red Kitchen Accessories

Whether sparse splashes of colour against mostly neutrals or a space awash with bright patterns and colors, I’m a firm believer that kitchens need to be more lively. And the clean, vibrant combination of red and aqua just screams “kitchen”…

May - 20

Color: Dressing Up With Navy Blue

Navy blue is re-emerging as a favorite colour in mainstream house decor — although not as a portion of nautical-themed spaces. Fresh interpretations of navy blue are creating rooms feel much more dramatic and lavish. You can also make this…

Feb - 19

An Excellent Colour Mix: Gold Meets Grey

Among the very dramatic colour blends to be viewed in insides is the mix of grey and gold. It brings to mind the current tendency which includes combining metal finishes in just a space. While silver and gold toned alloys…