Year: 2019

Aug - 03

Global Flavor to Get a Mediterranean-Style Home

Portland, Oregon, is known more for the midcentury ranch, Craftsman, Victorian and regional bungalow homes — which is the reason why interior designer Jessica Helgerson felt attracted to this particular job, a redesign of a Mediterranean house. “Though there are…

Jul - 31

8 Tips for Cleaner, Greener Laundry

Whether your goal is to cut down on power bills or keep toxins out of your house, small changes in your laundering regular can add up to large savings — both to the environment and your budget. Obviously, you could…

Jul - 25

Homes Play the Name Game

Virtually all of the architects I’ve spoke with insist that the houses they have designed are structural portraits of those who live inside the walls — and a lot of these portraits have names. “We usually go straight to the…

Jul - 21

Sweater Chic Warms Up Fall Interiors

Sweater season came early to Alabama this year. Most of the time, our September is essentially August 2.0: glowing, muggy and oppressively hot. This fall, however, we are being treated to a preview of crisp, cool weather, which usually doesn’t…