9 Tips to Turn an Attic Into a Boutique Closet

Jul - 18

9 Tips to Turn an Attic Into a Boutique Closet

There never seems to be sufficient closet space in a home — whether it’s simple clothing storage or a place for holding the kids’ swim equipment when fall comes. If you’ve drained your entire home for potential closet area, there may be one place you have not analyzed: the loft. Do not let its unique architecture or its third-floor positioning dissuade you. Your loft can grow to be a boutique master closet or storage room with plenty of functionality and character. Adhere to some tips from the pros and watch a fantastic new cabinet space unfold before your eyes.

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Embrace your architecture. Do not think of this as your typical closet — envision it more like a unique boutique area with sloped ceilings and distinctive angles. “If your area is wide enough, enhance that boutique feel with a center island or trendy upholstered seat seat,” says Robert Clarke, president and architect of CBi Design Professionals. “Adopt the sloped ceiling consider adding built-in armoires or shelving along the walls to disguise the diminishing wall elevation”

Unusual spaces may best benefit from professional assistance. “There will be more and larger choices when you use, not contrary, the architectural shapes of the space,” says interior designer Sheree Schold of Interiors Unleashed. “However, in case you have limited space with angled ceilings, nooks and crannies, it may pay off in the long term to have a professional design and build the closet area for you. There are exceptions, but the majority of the time, prebuilt or ready-made closet systems aren’t worth altering to fit into odd-shaped and angled loft spaces”

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Make sure built-ins are tall enough. Sloped ceilings can cause some elevation difficulties, so be sure that you are able to access built-ins without bending your head. “I suggest applying the same the code height for doorways, which can be 6 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet, when creating built-ins,” says Schold. “This guarantees safety when walking around and up to drawers, shelves, hanging clothing etc.”

Do not overlook: Energy efficiency is important for loft spaces. The temperature of the area should be comfortable for you as well as for proper storage of different items. “Calling in the warmth and air guys for their remarks, suggestions and bids should be performed up front,” says Schold. “Energy-efficient ideas could change different programs and be expensive down the road if not done right off the bat”


Brighten with a skylight. When coping with a loft space which has sloped ceilings, have a professional roofer or a carpenter look at the potential for adding a skylight. “Even a little skylight added between the rafters will add a dramatic amount of natural daylight into the space, making it feel much more like an expansion of the principal home,” says Clarke. “Any addition of natural daylight into a loft space or closet will make a large difference to the feel of the room.” But do not forget about the energy factor: If you add a skylight, then make sure the area is outfitted with both cooling and heating systems, as a skylight can influence temperature.

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Make your mirrors operate double duty. In the funky and frequently constricted space of loft cabinets, mirrors can help you organize an outfit while at the same time reflecting light to make the space look larger. “For somewhat dim and odd-shaped spaces, my first idea is to exploit and expand any available natural lighting,” says Schold. A mirror positioned right across from a window near a skylight can help bounce natural light around the area, helping it to feel airier and larger.

Use the entry wall. If you walk into a loft closet, turn around and check out the wall which includes the door: It could have more potential than you think. “It is pretty easy to produce the entry wall look like a paneled wall with full-height mirrors since the panels,” says Clarke. “The door can act as a single panel while creating an adjacent — or even better, a third — panel operable so that you obtain a multiple-sided dressing mirror without forfeiting attaching or hanging spaces”

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Consider open shelves. If your area is quite tight, open shelving averts swinging doors which may end up getting the way. Paint your space a mild neutral so that colorful visible clothes feels complementary to the aesthetic rather than clashing with a bold room shade.

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Accessorize. Heal the room like any other by accessorizing it to create a personal, specific space. “When ceilings are more than 8 ft high, we frequently add a simple chandelier-style light fixture,” says Clarke. “Not only does this offer some nice light for the room, but it enhances that feel of a boutique area”

Instead of filling every available inch with shelves or shoe racks, save a sliver of wall area for your favourite painting or your kids’ art. If you have armoires with clear glass, then swap it for decorative glass to get a little additional flair. “Touches like these add a little sophistication without a ton of cost,” says Clarke.

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