10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Jul - 01

10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Resale Value

With property prices not what they once were, to put it mildly, it is just natural for homeowners preparing to sell to be thinking of ways to up their house’s value. However, it simply doesn’t make sense to throw money into a big remodeling project which won’t end up netting a higher sale price in the end. What is a homeowner to do?

Learn what buyers want, then start early (so you can enjoy your hard work until you sell) and little (to avoid excess spending) to find the best possible results. All these 10 home improvement projects make clever use of your resources and time.

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1. Hire an expert. Consider hiring an expert to take a peek at your house and provide advice. 1 morning spent with a house inspector, a real estate agent or a local designer may give you insight to what prospective buyers will see when they examine your house — and can save you money in the long term.

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2. Invest early in landscape. A beautifully landscaped lawn with stunning, mature shade trees can be a big selling point, but you’ll need to allow for at least a few years of expansion to make the most of your investment. Make planting a priority early on, and be sure to seek out expert advice on the proper placement and care of your trees and lawn.

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3. Power wash paths and siding. Giving your house’s exterior and paved areas a power wash can be nearly as dramatic as repainting, for a far lower price. Rent a machine from the local hardware store in case you don’t possess one.

4. Maintain green lawns. Sad, neglected lawns are a major turnoff to prospective buyers. Keeping a healthy lawn from the start with frequent care is the cheapest path, though placing new sod can be worth the dramatic improvement in curb appeal in case you don’t have enough time to start from seed.

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5. Upgrade exterior doors. Curb appeal will help sell your property; it is as straightforward as that. And the way your house looks from the outside depends a lot on the condition of your front door (and the garage door, if it is visible from the road).

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6. Eliminate eyesores. Outdated wallpaper, tacky light fixtures, stained carpets and popcorn ceilings are all great candidates for upgrading. The replacements need not be high-end; just think clean, easy and modern.

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7. Minor kitchen renovations lender the largest return. If your kitchen is fairly present, you may choose to leave it remodeling a kitchen has a hefty price, and you may just be able to recover around 65 percent of your investment. Smaller upgrades such as painting or refinishing cabinets which are still in great shape, or upgrading to Energy Star appliances, can refresh your kitchen’s look at a fraction of the cost.

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8. French doors include over light. If you are looking for a distinctive feature to improve your house, consider replacing a door or several windows with French doors. Not only will they allow in more light, but also the open feel they supply makes the entire space feel larger. Plus, they make for a romantic addition to your home’s sale advertisement. “French doors leading to the garden” — now that has a nice ring to it!

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9. Choose current paint colors. A brand new, crisp paint job from modern neutrals like gray and putty shows off your house to best advantage. Don’t feel you have to avoid all color; simply be aware that the cooler your choice, the more likely it is that it won’t agree with someone. An overly bright or badly chipped exterior paint color may require refreshing too, so don’t stop with the indoors.

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10. Build in extra storage. Another great investment is to include built-in shelving or cabinets in halls, garages or anyplace you have the space. Buyers love seeing good storage, so this may add a lot of appeal — and if you are in a position to do some of their work yourself, you may keep costs fair.

Do you have a home improvement story to discuss? What is your advice to those wanting to increase their home’s value? Leave a comment and let us know!

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