Month: November 2020

Nov - 28

Reasons to Prune Fruit Trees

A successful home garden demands a normal care routine, including pruning. Young trees particularly need pruning for proper growth, but even older fruit trees also require routine branch removal to thrive. Pruning serves functional and aesthetic purposes. Most fruit tree…

Nov - 26

Comparison of Yard Aerators

As you mow or walk on your lawn, the soil below the grass gets compacted. This makes it hard for significant nutrients, air and water to get to your lawn’s roots, which in turn weakens the grass and raises the…

Nov - 19

The way to Preserve Wilted Tomato Plants

Droopy leaves, whether discolored or even still bright green, signals an issue in the tomato garden. Most wilt issues result from improper watering and can be easily cured with prompt irrigation. Insects and diseases may also weaken tomato crops and…

Nov - 13

Why Are My Ferns Turning Light Green?

Few plants can match ferns for graceful green leaves, called fronds, that comprise of small leaflets in different shapes and sizes. Mostly tropical or subtropical plants, ferns thrive in lower temperatures and higher humidity, growing as houseplants in all regions…

Nov - 05

Instructions for a Flip and Sew Table Runner

The flip-and-sew process — sometimes called quilt-as-you-go — relies on time-honored foundation piecing techniques. Flip and sew, a good approach to use fabric scraps, allows you to stitch a patchwork surface layer and then sew or quilt the surface to…