Demilune Tables Bring On Complete Elegance

Jul - 05

Demilune Tables Bring On Complete Elegance

As graceful as their name suggests, demilune tables have held high status among their console counterparts. In French, “demilune” means “half-moon,” a picturesque description of these tables’ semicircular shape. They combine an elegant, feminine type using space-saving performance — because their flat rear sides sit flush against the wall, they fit in where a round table might not, and their curves make more effective use of square footage compared to a rectangular or oval fashion would.

Take a look at the smart, educated methods by which demilunes enhance these interiors.

Liz Levin Interiors

Though their other features make up for it, demilunes do reduce storage and exhibit area in half. This pair sports bottom shelves to compensate for your loss.

Liz Williams Interiors

Demilune tables can be an excellent replacement for conventional nightstands. Their slim profile saves bedside space yet allows enough space for essentials such as a lamp, a water glass and reading material. Additionally, there are no sharp corners on which to knock your thigh as you stumble out of bed in the daytime.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Often, a demilune’s beauty lies in its own legs. The exaggerated curves and delicate carving with this Chinese-style piece lend exotic flair and a layer of texture to a neutral area. A mirror over a demilune is a traditional touch that visually opens up a space in precisely the exact same manner that the table does.

Synergy Espresso

Demilunes often are positioned between two windows to fill that little sliver of distance. This arrangement spins convention by putting the tables directly in front of windows instead. The glass tops and loose iron bases of these keep them light enough to not halt the eye, and their curves beautifully accent the curved notes within the room, from the mirror and headboard to the lamp and vase.

Beckwith Interiors

The wooden cutout-style table falls perfectly in step with the sculptural components within this vignette. This is furniture as art, and utilizing a demilune rather than a full table increases the off-kilter energy.

Laurie Gorelick Interiors

A sleek, slim table slips right into the narrow sliver of wall mounted with this fireplace. It can be challenging to choose a demilune that is shallow enough to not block traffic yet can adapt cosmetic accessories, so take measurements before you shop.

CIH Design

While classic demilunes rest on thighs, this hand-crafted, wall-mounted model appears to float. The restraint of its own foundation undercuts the chunkiness of its top.

Craig Denis

A deep demilune table can be converted into a dressing table pretty readily. This is an ideal solution for powder rooms or for bathrooms where space is tight.

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