Month: May 2022

May - 31

How Much to Winter Prune Large Sage Bushes?

Large sage bush varieties (Salvia spp.) Require little water, fertilizer or care to prosper, but they don’t reap occasional pruning. Whether you are pruning to maintain size, prepare the bush for the winter or to help it recover from winter…

May - 29

Will Blueberry Plants Spread?

Spreading and take over is obviously a concern when adding new plants into your garden. Fortunately, blueberries are slow to propagate and are considered noninvasive. Blueberries grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 10. At USDA…

May - 26

Shrubbery Ideas to get a Front Porch

Front porch shrubs are among the most important elements of your house’s curb appeal since they naturalize and beautify your landscape. The roots of good shrubs won’t hurt your foundation or utility pipes and they soak up extra moisture as…

May - 22

The way to Attain a Dryer Drum Roller

Drum rollers on electric and gas dryers support the drum while it rotates by means of a belt. When rollers become worn or damaged, the drum may make beating noises or the clothing will come out with dark smudges. Replacing…

May - 18

The way to Landscape With Bird Feeders

“Birdscaping” your lawn makes enjoying wild birds simple and convenient for you. Uncomplicated monsters with few conditions, birds aren’t shy about the way you meet their needs. While positioning, location, location is a concern for bird feeder placement, there are…

May - 14

Fertilizing Midnight Wine Weigela

With deciduous bronzed foliage, darkening to purple in autumn and bursting with bright pink flowers that attract hummingbirds in spring, Midnight Wine weigela (Weigela florida “Elvera”) has the utility of a shrub using the appealing attributes and size of a…

May - 12

The Best Time to Plant Spring Flowers

Spring blossoms pop from late February through the first weeks of June. Some spring blooms, like the shrubby lilac, have to mature for several years before blooming, while others, like the eager crocus, spring from bulbs that hold all the…

May - 08

What's Red Mulch?

Mulch is a general gardening term describing any substance that functions as a protective ground cover. Mulch reduces evaporation, maintains even soil temperature, prevents erosion, controls weeds, enriches the soil, and keeps fruit, like strawberries, clean. Mulch may be composed…

May - 04

The Disadvantages of a Pond Ultraviolet Light

Ponds add calming background sounds to your own yard, but those mini ecosystems require continuous water maintenance for healthy plant and fish life. As a way, pond ultraviolet lights help your water by splitting algae blooms to keep pond water…