Category: Tropical Style

Jan - 27

Low Height Living Fences

Low living fences enable you to define property boundaries or produce a barrier without blocking the view of the natural landscape. Pick plants that don’t require much maintenance and also that develop less than 4 feet tall. When selecting plants…

Jan - 23

The Best Perennials for Containers

The best perennials to grow in containers are disease-resistant and simple to grow with long seasonal colour. Perennials tend to die back to the ground in cold weather and also go into a dormant state. Foliage and flowers grow back…

Jan - 20

Good Privacy Plants With Flowers

Privacy plants behave as planners when planted as hedges or grouped together to block unwanted views of roof lines and multistory buildings. Good plants for this usage are evergreen, with a dense growth habit that prevents gaps in the privacy…

Dec - 30

How to Care Cut Back & for Your Alternanthera Plant

Alternanthera plants (Alternanthera spp.) Reward gardeners. Two types are widely available: one that’s generally called Joseph’s jacket is approximately 1 foot tall (Alternanthera ficoidea) and comes from cultivars with multi-colored leaves, while the other, sometimes called calico plant (Alternanthera dentata),…

Dec - 27

Could Pumpkins Explode?

Pumpkin “chukking” and physics demonstrations apart, pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) typically don’t explode unless they’re carelessly dropped from great heights. They do tend to split with some force under certain conditions because of their growth habits. Heavier “giant” pumpkins (Cucurbita maxima)…

Dec - 16

Rosemary Topiary Tutorial

Topiaries are trained to form specific shapes, like balls, squares, hearts or cones. Plants like rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) make great topiaries since they have small, closely positioned leaves and respond well to trimming. To get a tabletop Christmas tree, consider…

Dec - 10

When Spurge

Cushion spurge (Euphorbia polychrome) is a herbaceous perennial flower that is a portion of the Euphorbiaceae family, the same family as the Christmas poinsettia. It’s hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8. Growing from 1 1/2…

Nov - 26

The Way to Grow Grass in Hot Weather

It may be another matter entirely to develop the type of delicate, evenly colored lawn of your dreams while it’s easy to develop grass. Weather may compound the problem by making grass brownish or patchy. Whether you are planting a…