Category: Tropical Style

Feb - 01

5 Red Roses to Stir Garden Passions

Who does not love a red rose? This timeless classic signifies love, passion and guts — and the number of red roses sends a message too. One reveals adore, a dozen suggests gratitude, 25 congratulations and 50 means unconditional love.…

Nov - 29

8 Space-Savvy Gardens

For many city and apartment dwellers, obtaining any kind of outdoor garden area is a luxury. While the lucky few have a balcony or patio, most need to manage a fire escape or the occasional flower box to develop some…

Nov - 20

Spring Fling: See a Garden in Full Glory

This week I braved the record pollen count to enjoy the spring flowers at one of my favourite areas, The Atlanta Botanical Garden. Daffodils and tulips popped up early this year, as did dogwoods, azaleas, hyacinths, hellebores, redbuds and some…