Category: Home Painting

Dec - 09

The way to correct Water Spots on Bruce Hardwood Floors

Pennsylvania-based Bruce Flooring has been producing flooring products for more than a century. Bruce constructs both solid and engineered hardwood floors, and both types are subject to water stains. White, or surface-only, spots affect the finish. With a few straightforward…

Jan - 11

The Best Mop for Brick Floors

Mopping is advised when you need to remove surface dirt in the brick floor, and as you don’t have to worry about standing water as far as you do with different types of flooring, a chain cleaner functions well. A…

Feb - 25

The way to Use a Sponge Mop

A sponge cleaner provides you a method to clean floors without touching the moist or dirty mop head, and you don’t require a special bucket to wring out the excess water. Each version of sponge mop is marginally different, but…