Category: Coastal Style

Oct - 08

Eclectic Sensibility at a Toronto Foursquare

Living in a modern industrial loft in downtown Toronto had its drawbacks to Rosa Costanzo and Chris Martin. “The capability to mold and reestablish the loft was restricted,” Costanzo says, and they wanted something they could really put their hearts…

Jul - 11

Discover the Power of Prisms

I have something about rainbows, so it stands to reason that I love prisms. My mother always had some of them hanging in our kitchen window once I was growing up, and I still remember the dabs of vibrant color…

Jun - 16

Charming Vintage-Industrial Oregon Studio

Jamie and Erin Osborne’s studio flat is what was once retail firm Meier and Frank’s warehouse in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s, Pearl District. The historic 1923 building was converted into residential flat lofts and condominiums a few short years…

Dec - 07

Garden Design Gets Down to Details

Details often determine a purchase: the stitching on a jacket, the buttons that are neat onto a toaster or the smooth metal trim on an iPhone. Gardens are the same — these tiny touches of brilliance at the details finish…

Nov - 13

Iconic Indoor Furniture Moves Outside

If the idea of shifting an LC3 armchair outside gives you the cold sweats, take center; Design Within Reach’s new outdoor pieces might seem as though they should be in a temperature-controlled environment free of children and liquids, but they’re…

Nov - 11

Spanish Colonial–Modern Union at California

“Up to Spanish colonials proceed, sometimes you walk and it has been perfectly preserved. You walk and it has been goofed up. This one was a little of both,” says interior designer Charmean Neithart of the Pasadena, California, home. She…