Month: October 2019

Oct - 19

Laws of Real Estate Quitclaim Deeds

Deeds are written tools that communicate and specify real estate title, and California Code defines simple forms for use as actions. One such deed is a quitclaim, which can be a frequent means to transfer ownership of a property from…

Oct - 11

How to Help Your Dog Be a Good Neighbor

The doorbell rang the other day and I was amazed to see that my neighbor standing on my porch with a beautiful black Labrador retriever on a leash. Mary dropped her puppy, Shawnee, also a black Laboratory, to cancer three…

Oct - 05

5 Steps to Assist You Hire the Right Contractor

Building your dream home is among the most exciting things you’ll ever do, but that excitement includes a great deal of responsibility. Employing the finest general contractor for you and your project is an very important decision. That decision will…

Oct - 03

An Irish Island Gets a Meaningful Installation

Travis Price III, builder, author, teacher, philosopher and ecological leader, has been practicing for more than three decades to “shape an international architecture educated by ecology and mythology which restores the soul of place to modern style,” he says. His…