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Nov - 19

The way to Preserve Wilted Tomato Plants

Droopy leaves, whether discolored or even still bright green, signals an issue in the tomato garden. Most wilt issues result from improper watering and can be easily cured with prompt irrigation. Insects and diseases may also weaken tomato crops and…

Nov - 13

Why Are My Ferns Turning Light Green?

Few plants can match ferns for graceful green leaves, called fronds, that comprise of small leaflets in different shapes and sizes. Mostly tropical or subtropical plants, ferns thrive in lower temperatures and higher humidity, growing as houseplants in all regions…

Nov - 05

Instructions for a Flip and Sew Table Runner

The flip-and-sew process — sometimes called quilt-as-you-go — relies on time-honored foundation piecing techniques. Flip and sew, a good approach to use fabric scraps, allows you to stitch a patchwork surface layer and then sew or quilt the surface to…

Dec - 20

Do Voles Eat Daylilies?

Voles appear to consume just as much as they dig, and they do consume daylillies. Bulbs and the roots of these plants are vulnerable. If burrowing rodents are decimating your daylillies, you do have choices to dissuade them. Select from…

Nov - 12

House Inventory Transferring List

Moving can be a frustrating and complex process. Aside from the physical process of moving you will find endless arrangements and decisions to be made. Producing a detailed inventory is one method to make certain that everything remains organized and…

Oct - 03

An Irish Island Gets a Meaningful Installation

Travis Price III, builder, author, teacher, philosopher and ecological leader, has been practicing for more than three decades to “shape an international architecture educated by ecology and mythology which restores the soul of place to modern style,” he says. His…

Jul - 25

Homes Play the Name Game

Virtually all of the architects I’ve spoke with insist that the houses they have designed are structural portraits of those who live inside the walls — and a lot of these portraits have names. “We usually go straight to the…