Category: Fireplaces

Feb - 10

Stair Nosing

“Nosing” generally indicates the edge of a stair tread that extends beyond the riser; it can also refer to some strip inserted to the border of a plank to provide a protective edge or a decorative appearance, or to hide…

Jan - 21

How to Help Your Trees Weather a Storm

It seems there is no limit to big, bad and ugly weather occasions. When big storms hit with wet snow, heavy rains or gale-force waters, trees suffer. Mature trees are susceptible for any number of motives, and when an older…

Dec - 23

Butt Hinge

A butt hinge joins a door and a jamb in the surfaces which abut. The plates of a butt hinge hook to the wood with screws and take the weight of the swinging door by pivoting on a pin. 360…