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Nov - 15

Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Kitchen cabinetry options include painted, antiqued and distressed finishes or two-tone, painted finishes. Enhancing open cabinets and floating shelves, cabinetry finishes utilize the cabinets’ structure to showcase your dishes in pastels, neutrals and bright colors. Finishes are usually DIY, so…

Oct - 10

'House Proud' Celebrates Louisiana Design

Louisiana has always had a special flavor. When I go there, I really feel like I’ve traveled to a different country, one that is a whole lot more fun than mine. The music, food, art, accents, resilience, partying attitude ……

Oct - 05

6 Multifunctional Rooms Play Hard and That Work

Not everybody has separate rooms for dining, living, working, crafting, laundry, homework, playing the string bass, practicing opera singing, preparing for a circus regular — wait, what? In we have seen plenty of designers craft chambers that could incorporate a…

Dec - 05

How to Decorate Double Windows

Decorate windows on your house to match your requirements, make a focal point within the room, let in more sunlight, provide some privacy or just whether to showcase a spectacular view. Choose from a number of decorating options — such…

Sep - 18

Cast Off for South Seas Style

When many architects all over the world build houses that bring the outside in, from Tahiti it comes quite naturally. South Seas bungalows are, for the most part, constructed from materials plucked from inside a 20-mile radius. That’s by requirement…

Jul - 31

8 Tips for Cleaner, Greener Laundry

Whether your goal is to cut down on power bills or keep toxins out of your house, small changes in your laundering regular can add up to large savings — both to the environment and your budget. Obviously, you could…