Category: Gardening and Landscaping

Jan - 02

Which Plants Grow the very best at Dirt or Sand?

All living things which grow from the ground require the same essential components to thrive — sunlight, water and nutrients. The latter, got from the soil, are transported via water drawn up through the plant’s origins. While virtually all plants…

Dec - 12

How to Landscape With Flagstone & Moss Rock

Flagstones and moss-covered rocks may add character to a landscaping in many different ways. From organizing them in involving vegetation to make a rock garden to using them as walking surfaces, the stones pull in additional colours, textures and character,…

May - 26

Shrubbery Ideas to get a Front Porch

Front porch shrubs are among the most important elements of your house’s curb appeal since they naturalize and beautify your landscape. The roots of good shrubs won’t hurt your foundation or utility pipes and they soak up extra moisture as…

May - 18

The way to Landscape With Bird Feeders

“Birdscaping” your lawn makes enjoying wild birds simple and convenient for you. Uncomplicated monsters with few conditions, birds aren’t shy about the way you meet their needs. While positioning, location, location is a concern for bird feeder placement, there are…

May - 12

The Best Time to Plant Spring Flowers

Spring blossoms pop from late February through the first weeks of June. Some spring blooms, like the shrubby lilac, have to mature for several years before blooming, while others, like the eager crocus, spring from bulbs that hold all the…

Jan - 13

Strategies for Backyard Arbors

As a landscaping component that attracts vertical size and interest to the backyard, an arbor lends a touch of practical grace to your garden’s design. Conventional arbors have overhead covering for shade, built-in seating and open-framework sides that double as…

Jan - 02

Trees With Flowers Such as the Japanese Pieris

Cascades of delicate blossoms draping shiny, deep green leaves rank Japanese pieris (Pieris japonica) one of the most graceful late-winter ornamentals. Also referred to as the lily-of-the-valley shrub because of its urn-shaped blossoms, the 9- to 12-foot Asian native grows…