Tile From Around the Globe Adds Out-of-This-World Panache

Jul - 28

Tile From Around the Globe Adds Out-of-This-World Panache

Most of us have square, white tile somewhere in the home, normally the bathroom. It is simple to clean, but otherwise, it’s kinda dull. Neither here nor there, designwise.

However, the area of tile is genuinely a sparkling location, full of creativity. As soon as you start to enjoy the patterns and colours and possibilities of traditional and modern tiles, the world moves from black and white to colour, just like in The Wizard of Oz.

Traditional tile designs from the Mediterranean are a great art form — intricate, vibrant and symmetrical. Modern designs inspired by the originals take that lush use of patterns and colour and run with it. The results are magnificent.

And tile isn’t only for bathrooms or flooring. It is for walls and fireplaces and chairs. It is for patios and living rooms and bedrooms. Take a look.


Old Spanish floor tiles on the walls of a modern kitchen. They add vibrant colour and patterns without sacrificing the contemporary vibe.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Tiled stair kicks in random or alternating patterns are a wonderful way to add pattern and color. They’re so evocative of the Mediterranean they make me want a olive and a glass of red.

Artaic – Innovative Mosaic

In hot climates such as southern Spain, North Africa and Mexico, rugs do not necessarily make sense. A tile “carpet” demarcates a room in addition to anything.

Homework Remodels ~ Tri-Lite Builders

A tile “area rug” at a democratic revival style.

Chandos Interiors

Just a little tile around the fireplace gives this entire place a hacienda look.

Buckminster Green LLC

Exuberantly patterned tile can be modern, too. These Cuban Heritage cement tiles are magnificent in this otherwise unadorned kitchen.

Fiorella Design

Keep it traditional but add only a hint of playfulness by working in glowing patterned tiles using a solid colour.

Rice paddies insides

A border using a straightforward Greek key pattern is tasteful and understated but still eye catching.

Clay Imports

Mexican Talavera-style tiles using a base. Rustic, bold and lovely.

Turkish – Tiles

Traditional tile at a English bathroom.


All these 150-year-old Spanish tiles salvaged from an old building look bright and modern in this white bathroom.


Just a solitary waterfall-like strip of Moroccan tile adds life and colour to this neutral, modern bath.

Famosa – The Surface Studio

It is not about colour. The form of these plain white tiles (mirrored at the mirror) is Morocco around.

Granada Tile

Granada Tile’s handmade cement tiles at Alhambra. They’re old meet new with an extremely modern use of a rather old design. I really like it.

Latin Accents, Inc..

An outdoor patio of Mexican paver tiles inset with blues and patterns produces a lovely, elegant courtyard atmosphere and is so much prettier than concrete.

Guillermo Campos

Exterior stairs with tiled kicks. I really like unexpected pattern and colour used on exteriors.

Elad Gonen

This tiled patio at the Middle East is an extension of the home and an additional room rather than a separate outdoor area. Additionally, it is boho chic as all get-out.

Granada Tile

Granada Tile’s Fez tiles create a North African oasis in Southern California. This is similar to a holiday in the yard.

SoCal Contractor

With some architecture fashions, like Spanish revival, tiled hardscaping is just so much better than plain concrete or rock. It adds cheerfulness.

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