Guest Groups: Fun Felts!

Jun - 13

Guest Groups: Fun Felts!

One of the oldest fabrics, felt has been enjoyed through the ages by many cultures around the world. (The nomadic tribes of Ghengis Khan even used it to fashion their yurts.) Extremely malleable, this non-woven cloth can be left as soft as a kitten or as strong as an ox, and it may take on almost any form. Such flexibility also makes this age-old material completely viable in a contemporary context. Today’s designers are taking sensed to whole new heights, in which it is not just functional, but totally fun! — Justine out of Design Skool


Warm Gray Stone Hand Felted Wool Cat Bed/Vessel by Vaiva Nat

No reason kitty can’t be modern also. This felt kitty bed/vessel by Vaiva Nat is the first I have ever seen that I’d actually want to show prominently.


Icosa Pendant – $150

Parchment shades have been recognized for the warm colour they create. But how about sensed? Made into this geodesic dome shape, the Icosa Lamp is both timeless and modern.


Round Felt Cushions – $84

Add a little bit of warmth (not to mention relaxation ) to any chair with these colorful cushions from Nepal. If you are in a lively mood, just toss them around the ground for some very casual seating. Easy and flexible, they’re a great way to enliven your decorative scheme.


Knitted Vase Cover BLOOM by Hogenbirk Knitwear

Available in several colours and custom layouts, Erica Hogenbirk’s wool vases are so unique and fun! Just slip one over a classic wine bottle to add character to any space.


Relief Chair – $3,998

Constructed out of layers of pure wool felt that contour to the body, the Relief Chair is both eco-friendly and ergonomic. Add its striking modernist silhouette to such virtues, and you have a design triple threat.


Hexrug Rug or Wall Hanging – $150

Aurelie Tu’s crafted carpet is almost too unique to walk . Fortunately, it is so unique that it is equally fabulous as a wall hanging.

Harabu House

Avva Breadbasket – $62

Lunchtime just got a lot more special with these Avva Felt Breadbaskets out of Teroforma. They’ve taken the age-old custom of tying up your bread to keep it warm and made it throughly contemporary.

Sleek Identity

Felt Storage Pail – $122

I have always adored jolly pails as an effortless storage option, and these are all felt. How unexpected.


Modern Tea Cozy, “Shorn” with Tassel by Argyle St. – $40

The custom of tea includes a contemporary twist. This felt cozy out of Argyle St. is so striking that I am almost tempted to wear it as a hat.


Hut Up Felt Rabbits – EUR 27.95

Who does not love rabbits? These minimalist sensed characters from Hut Up possess all the essence of a rabbit without being too saccharine.


Felt Ball & Bird Garland by Radish and Ruth – AUD 25

This felted bird garland by Bec are such a lively addition to a kid’s room or nursery. It’s cute enough for children, but it would also be quite at home with more complex decor.


Hot Pink Felt Bag Organizer by Samorga

This felt tote organizer is so beautiful that I am more inclined to keep it out on the desk, front and center.

Papa Stour

Felted Jacquard Hot Water Bottle Cover by Lorraine – GBP 50

I really like the modern twist with this oh-so-low-tech warmer. It makes a cozy staple even cozier.


Felted Wool Nesting Bowls, Oatmeal/Winter White by Blackbird Design House – $79

For keeping a plethora of small objects, these felted bowls are fantastic for the bedroom or bath.


Wool Punch PIllow – $135

Other than its wonderful feel, among the great things about sensed is the way that it makes colour seem even richer. An array of these Wool Punch Pillows in a neutral room would be a wonderful way to bring some design punch.


Cascade Felt Table Centerpiece/Placemat by Reyart – $40

Gray felt using natural wood and white ceramics is this a winning combination. To mepersonally, this mix of warm and cool natural elements is totally irresistible.

Vertical Garden Solutions

Florafelt Total 12-Pocket Living Wall Panel

I found these at one of my favorite design shops and thought that they were truly inspired. Even though they are designed to be implanted using a lean mixture of feathery ferns and succulents, they could also make great storage.

Cube Marketplace

BNB Crafts Felt Hot Pads from Nepal – $19.50

BNB Crafts’ Felt Hot Pads from Nepal are jolly and Contemporary. I think they would look perfect accenting a neutral/natural kitchen.


Colorblock Carryall – $268

A great bag sitting by the door or hanging on a counter is like a slice of decoration — one that you can take with you! This colour block felt number by Graf and Lantz is both fun and sophisticated.


UM Project – Ray Chair – $8,160

This is a classic upright chair with a twist. The felted chair and rear make the Ray Chair more welcoming while still preserving great clean lines.

Design Public

FUZ Wine Pocket – $29

Josh Jakus was being revolutionary with recycled felt before it became cool. His wine pocket is one of my favorites; it is a nice way to dress up a hostess present.

Heaven’s Gate Home and Garden

Roost “Cloud” Felt Rug – $290

I really like the deep indigo of this handmade felt carpet from Roost. With tie-dye accents, it is both retro and cool.

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