15 Couches That Dare to Be Different

Jun - 08

15 Couches That Dare to Be Different

I really don’t know youpersonally, but I’ll wager that we have nearly identical couches: some edition of brownish (mine is Otter), beige or grey. Two or three cushions and a cushioned arm to lean up against.

However, it does not need to be this way. Life can add more than a parade of beige couches. It can be brighter, livelier and, dare I say, more economical if we have a chance.

All right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with neutral couches. They operate in a variety of rooms with lots of different design choices. However, they are not the only option. There are a million eloquent sofas out there just begging for our thought.

Here are 15 outside-the-beige couches. Could one of these work for you?

Daring Colors

This teal settee with traditional tooled legs might be at a Victorian sitting room or here, at a glowing white, eclectic space. It might even go cultural if paired with the perfect accessories.

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

If you are going to get a leather sofa the size of a small barge, then you may as well make it glowing red. This room has enough neutrals already.

D Swift

Mixing traditional shapes with sudden colors is a certain way to be certain that your sofa is unique. Have a look at the multicolored buttons.


Bright works in traditional rooms also. This purple wonder proves it.

D Swift

Daring Patterns

This is a piece of furniture and a conversational starter all in one. It looks lovely in a white room. Or you may go whole hog and set up background, add some throw pillows and find a patterned carpet.

Darci Goodman Design

Striped contemporary fabric on a curvy, conservative settee. This attractiveness would feel at home in a variety of configurations: contemporary Mexico, eclectic bohemian, spare white or cozy bed-and-breakfast.


Louisa Settee – $2,498

Another take on contemporary fabric paired with a traditional shape. It is not napworthy but it is droolworthy.

Meadowbank Designs

A more densely patterned sofa remains a show-off but remains a bit more modest. Notice how the single touch of layout enhances this straight-laced room.

Daring Shapes

Most couches are, well, sofa shaped. However, there is no law which requires us to stick to 72 inches of rectangle. This gently undulating built-in mirrors the shape of the space.

PLACE architect ltd..

The footless Togo sofa by Ligne-Roset is a contemporary classic which does not look like anything else.

Wish to Inspire

A daybed (or two) makes a lovely sofa. And it’s easily transformed with paint, fresh covers or new throw pillows. This is perfect for the fickle among us.

Phil Kean Designs

The Marshmallow Sofa is just another modern classic. But let us face it: it is a little weird looking. And I mean that in the best possible manner.

Zin Home

Bensington Vintage Union Jack Sofa – $4,610

God save the queen! This at a white room with hardwood flooring and a lot of contemporary combined with antiques equals diverse brilliance.

Burns and Beyerl Architects

The half-circle sofa can add shape to some boring rectangle of a space, it can match the normal curve of a space, or it can do a good job of demarcating space in a large, open floor plan. It is very good for conversation, also.

weiman-preview. com

Profile Sofa

The petite version of the curved sofa. Because people in small spaces need curves also.

Outstanding Solution: The Curved Sofa

Six Tips for Choosing the Fantastic Sofa

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