11 Kids' Beds Built in Dreamland

Jun - 23

11 Kids' Beds Built in Dreamland

It is often difficult for kids to go to bed. Make bedtime more enticing with a canopy fit for a princess, a tucked-away bunk bed that feels just like a key fort or a bed wrapped in a playhouse. The very first time I saw a very fun kids’ bed was in the 1980s, on the show Silver Spoons, starring a very young Ricky Schroder and Jason Bateman. Little Ricky’s bed was a white racecar, and each kid wanted one (we wanted that train he wrapped around the manse). Today the racecars are upgraded to high-end Ferrari models, as well as other thematic beds have followed suit, from ships to wrestling rings. See if you can find one that might ease your time-for-bed struggles.

Cosmetic Outburst

A small car is a great transitional bed between crib and big-boy bed (maybe a future Ferrari). I am sounding sexist; of course a car can inspire your small Danica Patrick or even Lella Lombardi wannabes too.

This can also function as a comfy playroom reading nook.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

Have fun with the bed and let the rest of the room inspires. In cases like this, the car is parked in swinging London.

Wendi Young Design

An overnight pit stop here, with a hideaway loft overhead, has all of the fun of a motor speedway.

AjWDC, Aj Williams Design Company

A wall mural is a much more straightforward way to place hot rods into circumstance. Let you child count down the years before that driver’s test with a mural of your own hometown (in this case, Atlanta).

Mayssa Al Ghawas

A wrestling ring bed is a little WWE fan’s dream come true. However, single ladies, if you meet with a grown man with a bed in this way, realize that it is a significant red flag!

Halo Design

If your child is more of this yacht-set type compared to Andretti type, a boat-shaped mattress could be more to their liking.


Canopy beds were invented to keep out cold drafts hundreds of years ago, and royalty enjoyed them. Today they are still fit for a little princess.

yo-yo. co.il

While kids require a ladder to scale up their way to elevated beds, they’re able to have more fun on the way down with a slide.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Nautical design can give bunk beds a boat-cabin feel; a porthole window and marine lights add to the look.

Slifer Designs

Bunk beds can take on all sorts of structures. Secret treehouse fort meets tired time in those tucked-away bunk beds.

Mayssa Al Ghawas

It’s possible to work a cozy corner to get a bed into all types of fun kiddo space layouts. In cases like this, a bed a part of a superb indoor playhouse.

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