18 Sumptuous Vanities for Singular Bathrooms

Dec - 26

18 Sumptuous Vanities for Singular Bathrooms

This roundup of sensational vanities is providing me an unhealthy level of vanity. Is that something? If you long for a bathroom vanity that is truly unique, then these can get you thinking creatively about your space. All but two of them are custom creations. Some make use of architectural salvage, some use natural materials found around their property and others use repurposed pieces of furniture.

These kinds of pieces take some planning and extra labour to pull off, and you might need the support of a designer or an especial cabinetmaker. However, the results are worthwhile when you can start your day in a vanity that causes you to feel like a million bucks.

Advantage Contracting

How would you prefer a dressing table with legs as shapely as Tina Turner’s? This award-winning bathroom comes with a vanity made with legs in the 1800s piano. The basket underneath provides plenty of towel. It is a very bright and light space with a generously proportioned mirror framed in a style and scale that hold their own above the dressing table.

John Kraemer & Sons

Another vanity that incorporates found objects. The corbels beneath were purchased by the clients on their travels overseas, and the custom builders incorporated them in the twin vanities. I love the comparison of the wood of the corbels against the glossy white wood of the curved front cabinetry.

Jane Kim Design

This dressing table is simply spectacular, with the architectural aluminum surround for the mirror, which completely covers the walls. The green colour is the natural patina on the aluminum, not a faux finish. The easy wall-to-wall slab of wood as the counter tops the daring scale of the plan. The next time you stop in an architectural salvage store, think about how large pieces might be incorporated into a bathroom dressing area.

W Design Interiors

There is nothing like a beautiful stone slab to make a dressing table a showstopper. The minimalist wood cabinet topped with the same stone allows the stone to take centre stage.

Witt Construction

Here’s an easy and beautiful pedestal that it is possible to buy ready made. Stone Forest creates these beautiful pieces. This dressing table area has quite a minimalist aesthetic that is complemented by the easy mirror and stonelike walls made with paint and plaster.

Lozinski Architecten

This vanity makes expert use of the wood grain to make curiosity. With beautiful wood such as this, you don’t need ornamentation.

186 Lighting Design Group – Gregg Mackell

The floating counters above a floating cabinet produce a light and airy feel in this dual vanity area. Plenty of storage in that cabinet is a true bonus.

Shelley Sims/Thrive Design

The cosmetic details of twigs are exactly what caught my eye here. They seem to replicate the lines in the stone countertop. The branches are from aspen trees nearby to the project. Look on your own property. Is there something that you could use to make a unique dressing table in your house?

FGY Architects

This dressing table is part of the wall, with the plaster finish. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “built-in.”

J. Grant Design Studio

Repurposing old furniture bits is a beautiful way to produce a vanity that adds the warmth of well-loved bits to your bathroom.

This used to be the client’s dining room buffet until it had been refitted for a luxurious dressing table.

Bruce Palmer Interior Design

A graceful Chinese console table teams up beautifully with a contemporary, low-profile container sink.

Lucy Interior Design

The custom-designed molding employed on the front of this dressing table makes for a true statement piece, which is set off beautifully by the lit jars at the top. You might have a look at millwork shops to discover fascinating moldings if you want to re-create this idea.

This is a pleasure. It works in an eclectic-style bathroom or an theme. You can buy this by following the store links.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Glossy green paint, a stone sink, a vivid wall hanging and covering bead wall sconces all unite to make a dressing table that will wake you up each day.

James Patrick Walters

This is one of my personal favorites. That carved texture on the supports adds luxurious hand-crafted detail. This designer (click picture for contact info) will make this dressing table in custom dimensions for you.

Lea Bassani Design

All these are fit for a movie star’s bathroom. Leather tufted fronts with Swarovski crystals add a luxurious look to the fronts of those gold, glass-topped vanities. You may order several sizes and choices from the designer.

Hughes Construction, Inc

This profound, black niche has just enough shine with a stainless counter and twin counter-to-ceiling mirrors. If your fantasy dressing table is a clean-lined minimalist space, then this would be a peaceful spot to start your day.

Tell us What would your fantasy vanity be?

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