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Originating in the New England region of the United States, a saltbox home has a roof with two distinct pitches, one steep and one tender. Typically the chimney is set at the center of the peak of the steeper roof. This is ordinarily the two-story section of the home, featuring windows set to the gable. The more gradual roofline usually tops a one-story addition, which often looks like a lean-to.

Designs Northwest Architects, Dan Nelson

These houses started life. Homeowners added a lean-to addition when more room was required, leading to the different roof pitches.

Vicente Burin Architects

The design started out easy, but eventually become more elaborate over the years. In cases like this, a shed dormer, a cupola and a cross-gabled roof adorn this saltbox barn.

Robert Young Architects

Even if the residence isn’t historical, a chimney set in the middle of a saltbox roof is a common New England design.

david phillips

This variant of this saltbox design comes with a little flaring slope.

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