Solve Privacy Issues With Window Film

Dec - 16

Solve Privacy Issues With Window Film

With summer in full swing, you might want to maintain some window shades available to make the most of the cheerful light and long times. But if you would like to also preserve a sense of solitude, consider window movies — the version of storm windows of summer, in a manner. But instead of stopping air leaks, window movies stop passersby from peeking in.

Light-filtering movies allow those in homes, condos or apartments with tight quarters to depart the curtains drawn. From the apartment complex that I’m in, as an example, I can see to three apartments across the quad, so a few further separation would be nice!

Letting in more lighting also reduces the demand for electric lighting, conserving energy. And movies with fun geometric patterns have a layout benefit, also.


Otto Window Film – $86

When you’re looking for window films, study what substances they’re made of and if they’ll release potentially harmful chemicals. These window movies from Emma Jeffs are free of PVC and phthalates.

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In this cupboard, windows filter lighting, reducing the demand for electric lighting. I love how bright and cheerful that this cupboard is. It would make dressing a daily delight.

Scheer & Co..

Bathrooms are also excellent places for window films.

In larger bathrooms, such as this one, window films may be used on glass doors for solitude or on big windows for light-filled baths.


Pixel Window Film – $86

Window films may also be used inside homes, as here, in which this Pixel Window Film provides visual attention as well as solitude.

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Emma Jeffs White Orba Adhesive Film – $86

Implementing window films can be complicated. It’s best to have help and to read the instructions multiple times. There are also a lot of helpful videos on the internet that walk you through cleaning and prepping the glass and applying the film.

The best way to use window film:
Clean the glass and Windex will not always cut it. Some directions indicate to apply a solution that is included with the solution and scrape off any debris using a razor blade.Measure and cut on the film.Get a friend’s help to peel off the backing the film whilst spraying it using the program solution.Apply the film to the glass and squeegee it level to the window.Trim that the film.Most window films cannot be removed and reapplied at will, and might involve some elbow grease and Goo Gone should you wish to replace them.

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Tell us : Have you used window movies and noticed a difference?

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