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Jan - 27

Looks for Shabby Chic Fans

It started when I sank into the planet’s most comfortable white slipcovered sofa in the Shabby Chic shop in New York’s SoHo at 1999. I have hooked on Shabby Chic. I saw that the TV show, I slept to the…

Jan - 25

Bathed in Color: When to Use Green at the Bath

While surfing the most recent offerings in my regional tile showroom recently, I was struck with the abundance of green goods, especially wall tiles. Soft sage and celery greens have been popular colors for house interiors for years now, but…

Jan - 21

How to Help Your Trees Weather a Storm

It seems there is no limit to big, bad and ugly weather occasions. When big storms hit with wet snow, heavy rains or gale-force waters, trees suffer. Mature trees are susceptible for any number of motives, and when an older…

Jan - 11

Industrial L.A. Loft Sparkles and Shines

With vintage lighting, a penchant for retro bar accessories and a sequins-filled closet, blogger Danielle Deojay created a high rise, high-style harbor. She began decorating as soon as she moved into her downtown L.A. loft. “My location became my own…

Jan - 03

A Historic Home Requires a Scholarly Bent

This Craftsman remodel and addition in Palo Alto, California, is a story of transformation for the a house and its inhabitants. From the outside, you see a linking structure that connects the original, historic house to an architecturally sympathetic two-story…

Dec - 30

Fantastic Design Plant: Paper Birch

Winter evaluations a plant’s all-around beauty. It is a tough test for the showiest of deciduous trees, but the paper birch shines year-round. Its paper-like white bark stands out from the rest of the trees, while it’s surrounded by other…