How to Stop Water Coming in Walk Out Basement Door

Nov - 19

How to Stop Water Coming in Walk Out Basement Door

Handling water in your cellar is never a pleasant task. The ramifications of water coming to a cellar include damage to your property; destruction of carpeting, furniture and erosion; expansion of toxic moldstructural and structural damage to the base of your house. Luckily, stopping water from coming in through your walk out cellar doorway isn’t quite as difficult as you may think.


One of the most common causes of water coming in via a walk out basement doorway is improper grading of your lawn. The dirt always should slope away from your house so that water flows away from the basement doorway. Ideally, the soil from your lawn ought to be sloped such that the elevation of the ground drops at least six inches for every 10 feet of space from your home’s foundation.


Overgrown trees or trees near your house could be the cause of water coming in through your walk out basement doorway. Prune plants, shrubbery and trees to keep them at least four feet in your house. This will allow the soil to dry faster after rain.

French Drain

If the soil around your house is a heavy clay, water may be not able to adequately drain through moderate and heavy rains. With nowhere else to go, the water may come into your house via your walk out basement doorway. French drains are built by means of a basement repair, pipes or excavation company. The process entails digging a ditch or trench around the perimeter of your own house to direct water away from the base and walk out basement doorway. A hollow pipe is set up in the ditch. Small-diameter gravel fills the trench, which is covered with dirt. This system allows water to quickly drain away from the walk out basement.

Door Repair

Look on your walk out basement doorway to spot where the water is not entering. Fill any cracks around the door with silicone caulking or concrete repair filler. Use silicone caulking to fill any cracks around the perimeter of the doorway. Paint a watertight sealant onto the walls that surround the walk door out when you have filled the cracks. Permit the caulking and paint to dry for 24 hours and apply another coat of watertight sealant.

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