Entertaining at Home: A Host of Party-Prep Suggestions

Nov - 27

Entertaining at Home: A Host of Party-Prep Suggestions

There is always one busy weekend in spring when observant families throughout the country are in the midst of getting ready for a Passover seder, a Great Friday meal or an Easter Sunday brunch. By this moment, menus are set and are likely being ready, along with the guest list includes more or less been confirmed.

However, is the house ready for fun? Whether you are having two guests or 30, a fast run-through of this list below before somebody arrives might help boost your house’s possibility to make your guests feel as comfortable as you can.

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1. Produce multiple dialog areas. Have a look at your living area, dining area and some other communal space where you believe that’ll be entertaining. Is the furniture conducive to set conversation? Can guests have smaller, more private conversations but then combine the larger discussion again with ease?

More Ways to Produce Multiple Conversation Places

Urbanspace Interiors

In this living area, Urbanspace Interiors created two different entertaining areas with the use of this Molteni & C Freestyle sectional, which may be reconfigured in many of different ways. Instead of tables, the designers used ottomans for maximum flexibility and added seating when necessary, placing all the pieces relatively near each other so that guests do not need to lean in too close to hear each other.

As you may see, mixing and matching furniture from different parts of the house is absolutely fine and can actually make the room feel more intimate and lived-in.

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2. Usher guests in with an inviting entryway. Your entryway is the guest’s first point of contact with your house’s interior. There is no need to produce the entryway talk with higher volume play; in fact, the simpler it is, the better. Ensure entryway principles like a bench or a set of chairs and a coatrack or cupboard can easily be available to guests.

Entryways Have a Chair


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3. Offer a nice scent. Interior decorator Brynn Alexandra thinks how your house smells may be as important as how it seems. However, as with everything which has to do with taste and preference, most of us have different ideas of what does or doesn’t smell fantastic. Home odor expert Marjorie Gubelman offers the following general guidelines for blossom candle and diffuser use:
Scented candles are fantastic for small spaces, like baths and powder rooms.Don’t mix artificially created scents with food. Since dining is a sensory experience, the pure aroma of this meal should never compete with a blossom candle.Stay seasonal with aromas. Spring calls for floral aromas; select aromatic fresh flowers to add into a tablescape or purchase a floral odor, like this orange blossom, lilac and lavender diffuser.

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4. Do a clutter-clearing run-through an hour before guests are put to arrive. Put on some positive songs, undergo the areas of your home that are open to guests and clean the mess. contributor Laura Gaskill says that her house always feels much lighter and cleaner after these short “clutter-busting sprees.” A couple of hints that this living area is guest ready: The coffee table has lots of space for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and the pillows are fluffed to perfection.

Clutter-Clearing 101

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5. Take out your best china — but do not be afraid to mix it up with fun, casual pieces. Even if your dinner party is more formal than casual, add a note of levity into the gathering by pairing bold napkins with your delicate, wedding-registry china. And do not wait for yet another “perfect event” to break out the Noritake plates or Wedgwood tea seat — there is no better time than the present to treat your guests like royalty; reveal them by serving them on your own best dinnerware.

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6. Play with the centerpiece. This all-white Passover seder table produces a very simple and dramatic statement with the floral centerpiece. The centerpiece height nevertheless lets guests seated across from each other conversation with ease, and it looks like the vase can be readily relocated to a different area of the dining area after guests have settled into their place at the table.

Remember that centerpieces do not always need to be flowery: Seasonal fruits, spiritual or themed decor, or a little grouping of vases or candlesticks makes for an affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative. However formal your affair, a centerpiece that is fuss free and low keeps the dining table conversation-friendly.

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7. Do not be afraid to dim the lights and create mood lighting. Dinner by candlelight can make any room feel cozy and intimate. If you have spent a large part of the night inside and the weather permits it, switch into a more laid-back outdoor space for coffee and dessert, so guests may have a change of scenery and enjoy some fresh air.

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8. Add a touch of theme. You do not need to go overboard with your holiday theme. This Easter egg console centerpiece doesn’t scream bunnies and pastels, but it does remind guests why they’ve gathered together in the first location.


9. Do not forget about the kids. We do so much to create grownups comfortable, but what about the children? As much as you can, seat kids in chairs which are low to the floor and round a table which doesn’t have sharp edges. Arm them with paper and paper, if your table can manage it, let them draw right on the dining table.


This round coffee table may double as a kids’ table readily: Simply have the small ones sit on the floor or onto plush floor cushions.

Geiss Custom Builders

10. Never underestimate the power of this powder room. I have a confession to make: I judge a house by its powder area. And I really don’t think I am the only one. Interior designer Kelly Scheer says, “You can discover a lot about a location from the design of its toilet.”

Browse through tens of thousands of powder rooms

Habachy Designs

For this little space, your powder room can actually go the distance when it comes to making your guests feel comfortable and secure. Ensure that the lights are functioning and that soap is in prosperity. A single hand towel may spread germs quickly, so offer a stack or tray of cotton or paper towels and a little basket for soiled towels nearby.


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11. Set the mood with music. A good dinner party or brunch always has an amazing soundtrack. Background music can also help put first-to-arrive guests at ease. For cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, consider elegant chill-out songs, like bossa nova, old-school rhythm and blues, or acoustic guitar. Do not be afraid to change up the pace as well as the songs once dinner has been served: Ella Fitzgerald or Norah Jones makes for simple listening, and they are both overall crowd pleasers.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

12. Close off areas which you don’t want interested guests to drift into. Whether it is a messy home office or your own private master bedroom, then you may politely direct visitors elsewhere by closing the door, hanging a Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob or offering a restricted house tour which allows guests glimpse into only the spaces which you want them to see.

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