The best way to Put In a 1/2-Newel Banister Without Studs

Sep - 27

The best way to Put In a 1/2-Newel Banister Without Studs

1/2- banisters are mainly for esthetics, particularly when there isn’t any stud to allow them to anchor to. Posts which are cut in two length-wise are employed to finish a stretch of hand-rail off. This provides a terminating level on the wall to the hand-rail along the stairway. It will add some assistance to the hand-rail, but generally, if there is not a stud set up, it’s not used as a load bearing part of the stair railing system.

Set the half- banister post from the wall as if it were previously installed. Assess the factors where contact is made by the banister with all the wall. Make four marks, spaced equally, based on the very front of the half- banister, where it’s sufficient contact with all the wall. Don’t mark where there’s dip or an account curve.

Set the half- level on a work table. Drill into the post at every mark to some depth of 1/2 inch utilizing a 1/2-inch Forstner. drill bit and cordless Remove inch bit. Add a 3/8-inch Forstner bit in to the drill and drill the rest of the way through the post.

Stand the post set up if it were previously installed. Put the 3/8-inch bit into each hole and drill through the gypsum board using the holes in the banister as a manual.

Add 3/8-inch toggle into sure they move throughout the . gypsum board banister and Tighten the bolts that are toggle securely using a Phillips screwdriver to fasten the half- banister post to the wall.

Put several drops of glue. Pat a 1/2-inch wood button in to each hole.

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