Making Interior Door Keystones

Sep - 25

Making Interior Door Keystones

Keystones are bits used to include opulence to some thing of masonry or wood-working, bridges, structures or buildings. Doorways occasional contact about them in the layout at the same time, although keystones may be set on top of inside doorways, usually arched doorways. Keystones could be crafted from almost any hardwood. They are able to be trapezoids that are fundamental — which which will make up most of the keystones — or they are able to be trapezoids with moulding, carvings or overlay. The form must stay steady so alternative trimming or moulding can join at an angle onto the keystone from both sides.

Put the 1 1/4-inch red oak lumber on the miter saw. Make two marks on the lumber 3″ apart.

Release the mechanize. Swing it to the right-side and lock it down at 15 levels.

Slide the timber underneath the blade. Centre the blade to the initial mark. Turn on the tool and pull the blade all the way down to reduce a right-hand 15-degree angle on the oak.

Release the locking mechanism. Swing it to the side that is left and lock it down on the left-hand 1-5-degree angle.

Slide the timber to the side that is correct. Centre another mark below the blade. Pull the blade all the way down to slice the 1-5 to the corresponding left-hand -degree angle. The section created on the righthand side of the blade is the keystone. Sand it yourself with 100-grit sandpaper connected to your hand block. Stain and lacquer wanted.

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