8 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Appraisal

Sep - 29

8 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Appraisal

Selling your house to refinance your mortgage is something that people do all the time. You are looking to save some money, so it would be wise to try and get the best price for the house. You may know how good your house is, but the prospective buyer does not. The burden, therefore, lies in showing the buyer how valuable the house actually is.

It’s only after handyman Anchorage AK that you can know the true value of your house. There are professionals who can assist you with this. The higher the appraisal value, the higher the money you can get from the sale or when you are refinancing.

Here are some simple ideas that will help you get the most value out of your Anchorage handyman:

Install Safety Equipment

Always make sure your house does not just have the necessary safety equipment installed, but ensure they are in good working condition too. Here we are looking at things like security alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke detectors.

Inspect The House Yourself

Take a walk around your house. Be very keen and inspect it with a critical eye. You can even get someone to help you with this. You should be looking for any sign of damage that might decrease the value of your home, like a leaking roof, or loose floor boards.

Inform Your Home Appraiser Of Any Improvements You Have Done

Be sure to alert the appraiser of any improvements that you have done on the house over the years. The same goes for new additions. Anything you have done, like replacing the HVAC unit, installing a new roof, or remodeling the kitchen will have a positive impact on the value of the house.

Do Some Sprucing Up

Make sure the house looks neat and presentable. Hang new curtains, repaint the walls, repair or even replace the door knobs with new shiny ones. Make sure the faucets are not leaking. These seem like very small changes in the house but they will have a good impact on the handyman Anchorage.

Research Other Homes

Take your time and learn more about other homes in your neighborhood. Learn about the value of the homes that are similar to yours. Find out the sales price of the houses that have recently been sold in the neighborhood. This will give you a rough idea of what your home value might be. You would also want to know about any challenges that your neighbors had when appraising their houses.

Clean The House

Think of it like you are about to receive some important guests in your house. For this reason, take your time and do a good cleaning job. Clean the carpets, walls, and any clutter. Everything should be looking good and presentable.

Take Care Of Your Yard

This is one area that most people ignore. Keep the shrubbery and trees neat. Trim the hedges. Do everything you can to make sure that the yard looks perfect. You should do this before the appraisal team comes over. You might even add some flowers to give the yard a fresh look.

Update The Interior

Try and update the items in the house. Old cupboards should be painted, update the countertops and reface worn furniture. You can also replace old flooring materials. These are simple things that can have a big impact on the value of your house.