Double Up on Dual Beds

Sep - 10

Double Up on Dual Beds

Attempting to figure out how to create more sleeping room for visitors, or maybe your growing brood of children? Rather than considering a renovation or move, reevaluate your distance: You may be able to fit two double beds in 1 room. You may think this look is only for hotel rooms, but you will be grateful for the increased performance when a room goes from sleeping two or one to four. Take a look at how some have awakened the double bed to see if it may benefit your space.

With checkered headboards, striped duvets and a lot of pillows, these two double beds elicit instant coziness via loads of feel. Don’t forget to light every mattress appropriately: Two overhead pendant lighting give every bed an ample glow for studying.

Silvia Garcia Interiores

Designed for 2 young girls, these dual beds infuse a youthful vibe with floral accents and daring red headboards.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Cottages or second houses are great places to work in a room with 2 double beds. Considering all the visitors you are certain to have, you are going to want to provide them with plenty of comfy sleeping. Within this room, an additional tall table lamp offers adequate light across both beds while still balancing the scale involving the height of the beds, headboards and artwork.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

For apparent reasons, two double beds operate best in areas that are broader than they are heavy. The last thing you want would be to decorate your distance, so be sure everything matches accordingly. Within this room, an oversized Oriental carpet creates cohesion between the 2 beds.

Momoko Morton

Consider adding ottomans into the fit of the beds, particularly if it’s a guest room. This gives visitors a location for suitcases while grounding the look of each mattress.

Phoebe Howard

Custom-made canopies give these dual beds a sense of architecture and height. Fabricating them at a shade of yellowish slightly darker than the walls gives them added dimension.

Baysix Design

A nightstand involving two double beds functions aesthetic and functional purposes. Heighten the decorative by utilizing one using a punch, like this classic style in a bold red.

Coveted Interior Design

Choose a drapery that reflects the colour scheme and patterns used on the two double beds to establish unity throughout the room.

Designs for Living

In this bedroom, built-in shelving provides a sense of solitude and split between the two double beds. If the beds occupy much of this area’s room, utilize the room beneath them to make as much storage as possible, like the designer did in this example.

Claudia Leccacorvi

With beautiful linens like these, your visitors may confuse the room for an actual hotel room. Remind them that this hotel does not arrive with room service.

DIN Interiorismo

In case you have a particularly large room, attempt something interesting with the two double beds. This design creates a fun pass-through that’s likely become many midnight temples.

Lisa rubenstein – actual rooms design

If you are tight on space, you could always try bunk beds. The designer of these custom-made bunk beds added much more performance by adding a built-in desk on the end.

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