Appreciate Christmas Decorations' Simpler Side

Sep - 08

Appreciate Christmas Decorations' Simpler Side

I am no scrooge…that I adore Christmas and holiday decor. However, I like it a little more about the restrained side. Organic greenery, wreaths, candles, silver, gold and white … white bee lighting only for me please! If you’re like me and enjoy the simpler side of holiday decorating, here are a few ideas.

Jeanette Lunde

You can not get more simple than this white-on-white design with Scandinavian contemporary flair. I adore a fantastic decked-out Christmas tree (all white lights naturally), but that I adore bare branches with ornaments even more.

This past year we had a rosemary topiary bush we decorated with ornaments, but my favorite remains the bare branches with nominal ornaments.


A couple straightforward wreaths are enough to say Christmas. It is not always necessary to bang people over the head with it with decorations covering every available surface.


Lovi Birch Wood Christmas Tree – $92

This is cute and perfect for a contemporary or minimalist abode. Stick a star at the top, or a few ornaments or leave it bare — it remains Christmas to me!

Stephanie Woody

I have something for green plants in urns, and that I have something for burlap. This is adorable, crafty and minimal all at the exact same moment. Decorating the mantel is a classic tradition, so inventing new ways to do it is a welcome sight.

sarah & bendrix

This is a great-looking holiday table. There are a couple random ornaments here and there … and that lovely wreath light fixture above the table.

sarah & bendrix

The easy bud vase along with the green, black, silver and natural linen palette are festive and elegant at precisely the exact same moment.


Delicate Wooden Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament by Very Alright – $12.50

I could not resist this contemporary wood decoration, particularly on the tree branch.


Fa La La Burlap Pillow by Ramona Owen Designs – $22

I really like this pillow is a pinkish-red in contrast to the typical Christmas red. Obviously doves and “Peace” have their place, but this says Christmas enough for me personally.

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