8 Suggestions for a Fresh Start at the Living Room

Sep - 14

8 Suggestions for a Fresh Start at the Living Room

The new year is just around the corner, and it offers the ideal chance to approach your home with a fresh beginning. Is the living room looking like it could use a few upgrades? Worry not: There are plenty of things you may introduce or change to spruce it up a bit. And because we know you are fresh off the holiday shopping spree, there are choices for every budget, especially if you know the best place to shop. Check out a few thoughts, also. Here’s to a great new year!

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Accessories. When you have had exactly the same accessories peppered through your living space for years, perhaps it’s time to see what else is out there. Pay a visit to your local antique shops or flea markets for unique steals that no one else will have. Or, pick a desirable style, like modern, and peruse the appropriate shop, such as a Crate & Barrel socket.

Throw pillows. This is only one of the cheaper cosmetic updates you can do to help your living space. If your current throw pillows are worn out or feeling somewhat lackluster, consider what colours or patterns you might want to introduce in your space. With an idea in mind, look for reasonably priced choices at shops like World Market or Target. With a brand new brood of pillows, your living space will take on an entirely new personality.

Mosca Photo

These colorful throw pillows with a dramatic, large-scale pattern totally set the scene in this modern living room. Yours can surely pull the same weight.

Kate Jackson Design

Ottomans. As soon as you introduce ottomans to your living room’s layout, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Ottomans are an ideal accessory to a seating arrangement: They take up little visual space when it is just you and your loved ones, yet they offer that additional seating when guests arrive for a celebration.

Stern McCafferty

A accent chair. Feel just like the space can use a pop of color or a hint of pizzazz? Try out an accent chair. Think about a color that will really stick out against your current strategy, and attempt to scout something which falls in that colour. Again, don’t forget to check out the flea market! You could find an incredible bit at a bargain.


This yellow accent chair helps bring out the yellow from the background panels in the background.

Emily Ruddo

Upholstery. Perhaps you have the perfect chairs or couch, but they just need an updated look. Think about re-upholstering them in something new and fresh, like a bright, entertaining print. These traditional armchairs take on a modern spin in this pink and white pattern.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Or choose a bold, strong color. This sofa is so mesmerizing you almost don’t see the dog laying claim to the ottoman!

Eleven Interiors

Flooring lamp. Have you checked out lamps recently? There are styles aplenty, way beyond your everyday table lamp. The right lighting in any room is very important; in case you feels yours can use an update, look for a brand new lamp or fixture that is as stylish as it is practical.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Rug. Rugs, if chosen properly, can definitely carry a space. If you’d like something to floor your space in a modern fashion, select a faux animal hide.

Adeeni Design Group

Or, if texture is what your space wants, go with a sheepskin rug.

Have a neutral, clean-lined space? Complete it with a colorful patterned carpet to bring a little spice.

Anderson Design Studio

Color. Perhaps you have a favorite color, and you are dying to perform it in. In that instance, look for a variety of things: toss pillows, furniture or accessories. Try not to go too overboard; an area that feels too matched often feels less private.

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