Top Tile Trends In the Coverings 2013 Display — the Wood Appearance

Sep - 11

Top Tile Trends In the Coverings 2013 Display — the Wood Appearance

Tile is big business — Americans purchased 2.19 billion square feet of it in 2012. Technologies such as digital imaging and ink-jet printing are altering less-expensive tiles such as ceramic and ceramic, providing them the looks of granite countertops, agate, malachite, terrazzo, limestone and timber. Among the biggest trends is the wood-grain tile look, on show in a big way in the 2013 Coverings trade show in Atlanta, which wrapped up the first week in May.

The timber tile fad has been gaining momentum for several years, and now there are more sizes and styles to choose from than ever before. First introduced as a contemporary spin on hardwood floors, this tendency has inspired all sorts of new measurements for tiles we’ve never seen before — the most popular being long narrow planks, as well as different colors, patinas and finishes.

Tile now ranges from a finish that’s a dead ringer for dark stained walnut to timber from a well-weathered fishing vessel in France. With reclaimed wood in order for tendency, purchasing wood tile is an alternative to looking for the great hundred-year-old barn timber, and tiles are available in dimensions that timber is typically not. At Coverings this season, I looked through what should have been miles of the most recent wood-look tiles from producers all around the world. Below are some of the most intriguing.

Mixed wood-look tiles. The great thing about all the different styles and colors is that you can mix and match them in distinctive ways that could be near impossible with wood.

This chic surfer shack look is composed of Jazz tiles by Keraben.

Instant aging. Pamesa CerĂ¥mica is taking the timber look to a whole new weathered level, adding the look of years of age and exposure to the elements via digital imaging and ink-jet printing. This specific tile is great for a coastal cottage, a rustic cottage or a upgraded Shabby Chic space.

Wood-look tile from wall to wall to ceiling. Many designers are pushing this trend throughout the floor and up the wall. The popularity of reclaimed wood accent walls is exploding, and vinyl is a great way to pull off the appearance of it. Wood-look tile won’t snag your linens and upholstery the way weathered wood could, and there’s no danger of exposure to old lead toxins or paint out of wood pallets.

That is the Fossil Collection out of Metropol, a contemporary interpretation of petrified wood.

Traditional hardwood appears in vinyl. A number of the tiles seemed so much like wood that I had to touch them to make sure they were ceramic. These have the look of conventional hardwood flooring planks and patterns, such as herringbone.

Traditional measurements. More conventional looks and patterns, such as parquet, are easy to reach with tiles. All these are out of Crossville.

Marca Corona’s Atelier collection gives parquet a contemporary twist.

Herringbone patterns are also easy to attain in tiles.

All these are also from Marca Corona’s Atelier collection.

Carefully rendered variations in grain and tone actually fool the eye.

These Italian tiles are Boards by Astor.

Variations in plank size. The timber trend is growing, and that’s the range of unique sizes of these tiles. Rare broad planks that are hard to see in real wood are easy to find in tile, and different widths and lengths could be mixed and matched.

This tile can also be from Marca Corona.

Driftwood. This beautiful tile looks driftwood and comes in 6- by 24-inch plank tiles. It lends a coastal feel in a contemporary manner, at once cool and warm.

This is the Natura set from Floridatile, along with the images and texture are based on walnut wood. The tiles come in a broad selection of colors, like blonde, grays, reds and browns. The product would be beautiful on a floor or an accent wall, especially a fireplace.

Weathered painted planks. Classic looks are a major inspiration for tile trends right now. Attempting to get this look with timber could be backbreaking and involve a lot of splinters. These are risks you may prevent by choosing a tile merchandise instead.

These tiles come from Apavisa’s Vintage collection.

Industrial wood. Tiles that match industrial design were a massive tendency at Coverings 2013 that we will explore in another ideabook, but in this case the wood planks choose the colors of a concrete flooring. It’s a tile-modern mash-up.

These tiles can also be from Apavisa’s Vintage collection.

Rich and refined. Big wood-rendered tiles add refined warmth into a contemporary minimalist bathroom. The magnitude is a game changer — each tile is 1 meter with 3 meters and is 33 millimeters thick.

This tile is the part of the Natural Inspirations Laminam Collection by Crossville.

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