Your Toilet: Sunshine, Good Morning

May - 18

Your Toilet: Sunshine, Good Morning

Bathrooms with their nature are full of cold and hard stuff. They have to be to deal with the amount of moisture from there. And they are sometimes dark, also, because we often forfeit windows to gain privacy. But organic light is that which we crave early in the morning to awaken our spirits and get us ready for your day’s activities.

Here are some greats methods to bring light in your bathroom. Some are more functional than others, but all are great at bringing a little sun for your morning routine.

Dick Clark + Associates

Set the windows up high for privacy. Nestled among the trees, this bathroom and its own expansive high windows must be a true joy to maintain every morning. The high windows at the shower frame a leafy view which makes this bathroom feel like a treehouse.

Elliott Kaufman

Insert a wall of windows. Okay, I fully admit that this bathroom is merely a dream bathroom. The view, the wall of glass! However, for those of us who would get this level of exposure a little uncomfortable, the thought to glean from that photo is the power of a high ceiling combined with the window. Collectively both elements make the open atmosphere of a luxurious spa.

AIA, McElroy Architecture

Use glass. These tall windows allow a beautiful number of soft, filtered light while maintaining privacy. The white surfaces bounce light around the room for an experience.

Michael Knowles

Here is another implementation of this frosted glass window. In cases like this, the window at the shower brings only enough all-natural light to heat the space up.

Schwartz and Architecture

Borrow light from the other room. Consider adding inside windows to deliver light in from an adjacent area. The two high clerestory windows, in addition to the two other windows, are just enough to light the space naturally.

Amitzi Architects

Use mirrors to bounce light around. This modern bathroom with a huge window at the shower places reflected light to great use. The expansive mirror above the vanity carries the light from the shower window even further in the space. It feels as though the mirror is just another window.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

When you have a view, utilize it. This California home seems perfectly positioned for an amazing view of the surrounding hills. The freestanding bathtub beside the window becomes a romantic bathing experience. Turn down the lights low, like the view, and let the day’s stresses melt away.

Jason Ball Interiors, LLC

Insert a vaulted ceiling and skylight. Within this steam shower/tub, the homeowner really wanted full access into the sky. Sunlight pours in during the afternoon and at night, she can look up at the stars while enjoying a good steam. Doesn’t get much better than that.

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