Best Carpet Flooring Ideas for 2018

May - 04

Best Carpet Flooring Ideas for 2018

As many would agree, nothing works better than a good carpet to turn a house into a home. Thanks to advances in modern Oakland flooring manufacturing technology, carpets are more durable yet softer than ever before, which is why they’re set to make a huge comeback this year.

Also, there are plenty of color options to choose from including neutral tones as well as assorted prints and patterns. Moreover, most carpets nowadays are low in VOC, which means that they’re eco-friendly, low maintenance, and they don’t have that annoying new carpet smell.

Check out the latest carpet flooring trends below to inspire your next floor upgrade:

Best Neutral Carpet Color

Flint gray is the new favorite when it comes to Oakland hardwood floors colors, and it looks especially elegant on a nylon carpet. Nylon that’s made from a combination of proprietary fibers is not only cost-effective and durable, but it’s also impervious to dander, dirt and spills.

Best Animal Print Carpet

If the mention of animal print brings thoughts of zebra stripes and cheetah spots, then you obviously haven’t seen this season’s rendition of this trend. Fawn print and antelope print are chic, understated and elegant options.

Best Patterned Carpet

Chain link print will instantly add impact to your living room, and it works especially well in a space with predominantly neutral colors.

Sustainable and Natural Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpeting is the go-to trend for environmentally conscious homeowners who want something that’s made from natural materials. Sisal carpets are actually made from a succulent known as Agave Sisalana, which is processed into plant fibers that are used to make the flooring Oakland.

This biodegradable carpet even comes in stain resistant and fire retardant varieties which are perfect for high-traffic areas. The only downside to sisal carpets is that they have a rope-like texture that tends to feel scratchy for some, but you can easily layer it with a plush flokati rug to soften things up.

Vibrant Carpet Tiles

The great thing about carpet tiles is that they enable you to mix and match different but complementary colors and patterns together for a truly unique look. Plus, they’re fairly easy to install as all you need to do is stick them onto a hard floor surface using a non-toxic adhesive, and that’s it!

Bold Floral Patterns

Admittedly, most of us are a bit uncomfortable with the idea of coloring outside the box when it comes to selecting décor, i.e. bold pattern carpet. However, when done right, this trend can really lend a stylish yet playful element to the space.

Buffalo Plaid Carpet

Buffalo plaid carpet is ideal for more serious spaces like your home office, and it looks great when done with a hodge-podge of Oakland wood floors tile colors.

Bring Outdoor Carpeting Inside

These days, outdoor carpets are so stylish that designers and homeowners are choosing to install them in their entryways. The best part about outdoor carpeting is that it’s dirt-resistant and soft, so it’s actually perfect for this part of the house.