To Gravel an Oily Driveway

Apr - 05

To Gravel an Oily Driveway

An driveway, also identified as a tarandchip driveway, is made through the use of a layer of liquid asphalt cement, hot-oil or tar on the driveway location. Gravel is positioned on the very top of the oil rolled to impregnate the area with all the gravel. As the oil cools, a hard-surface is produced. Maintenance is minimal however there are occasions when when gravel and more hot-oil are required. Special equipment is needed to ensure correct program of gravel and the hot-oil. Many companies offer the specific products to gravel a driveway that is oily.

Prepare the the top of oily driveway to get an area that is new. Fill holes with chips. Rack compact and the sleek it using a large roller.

Spray the area using a 3/8- to 1/4 inch layer of liquid asphalt cement or tar. Begin implementing the fluid asphalt over the edge of the garage or finish of the driveway the stage farthest from the street. A part around 4-feet broad.

Fill a wheelbarrow full of chips that are gravel. The gravel chips on the the top of asphalt cement to produce a 1/2 inch layer. Refill the wheelbarrow as-needed. Repeat the procedure before the strip of asphalt that is liquid is totally coated.

Compact the chips using a large roller. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the the rest of the driveway. Allow the liquid asphalt cement to dry 2-4 hrs.

A 2 inch layer of chips on the driveway to safeguard the area.

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