Koi Find Friendly Shores in Any Garden Style

Feb - 04

Koi Find Friendly Shores in Any Garden Style

Koi ponds are nearly a staple of certain landscapes, particularly Asian- or tropical-inspired styles, and therefore are easily at home in many contemporary gardens. If you love koi but those landscape styles don’t appeal, don’t worry. It’s surprising how well koi ponds will fit into other gardens, from traditional to rustic.

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Vintage examples. A calm koi pond is at home in this Asian-inspired landscape that is the great relaxing and tranquil retreat from a hectic world. Keep in mind there’s no need to make the pond quite so big. But it is amazing to behold and supplies lots of room for fish to roam.

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The clean lines of a contemporary garden pool are a tailor-made background for koi. The minimal plantings and spare hardscape enable the gold and red beauties to take center stage.

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A koi pond set amid the lush greens of a tropical garden is a regular reminder of a beach escape. When it’s a more natural look or even a more modern approach, the combination of koi with tropical plants can’t be beat.


Woodland-inspired strategies. The gentle plantings surrounding this natural-looking pool are a transparency to the fish. Like the teahouse from the Asian-inspired garden above, it’s also a perfect spot for relaxing after a very long moment.


Just add a few chairs and carefully put stones, and you may not come in till dark.

The boulders serve a utilitarian purpose as well by providing shelter from predators.

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Here, the koi pond produces a natural border between the terrace and the implanted areas beyond. A little more formal than the prior gardens, the overhanging trees, soft brick and darker colors evoke the sense of a lake cottage escape.

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If rustic is your style, a rambling stream punctuated by deeper pools is a perfect match.

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Geometry lessons. The strong, squared-off lines of this garden are softened from the water and the transferring fish; and the low, wide walls surrounding the pool provide the ideal spot to sit and observe the koi to a heart’s content. The walls also bring about a deeper pool area, a bonus for keeping marauding critters, like raccoons, from feasting on your own fish.

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Geometric does not necessarily mean rectangular. This totally round pond provides the exact same structured effect.

Regardless of your pond style, adding a fountain or waterfall can help aerate water.

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Traditional approaches. A little pool surrounded by stones is usually full of water plants, however if it is deep and wide enough, koi will feel equally at home.

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Mediterranean gardens and koi ponds don’t usually mix, but this setup proves both can blend together without a problem.

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A traditional walled backyard flanked by a pond is enlivened by the colors of the koi.

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On a grander scale, this English Tudor home involves a koi pond place along a walkway, allowing a lot of opportunities to enjoy the perspective.

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Mix and match. Combining the contemporary lines of a fountain and koi pond together with the relaxed sense of shaded woodland punctuated by timber steps and retaining walls results in the ideal spot to while away the summertime. Just add your drink of choice.

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It probably goes without saying that you’re able to put a koi pond within an eclectic garden. Not only does it fit in, it may become the centerpiece, linking the varying components together.

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Make an entrance. Don’t overlook your entry for a place to get a koi pond. Of course, your visitors might never make it into the front door since they are too entranced by your own fish.

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Past the garden. And in the event that you really want to appreciate your fish throughout the day and nighttime yearlong, then only transfer your koi pond inside.

Caution: You might need a larger-than-average home to pull off this.

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