Top 8 Porta Potty Tips

Apr - 11

Top 8 Porta Potty Tips

water damage Mesa are quite useful in construction sites and for outdoor events like concerts and parties. They make it possible for the hosts and the guests to reduce the strain on the personal bathroom space.

While these toilets can be convenient to have around for one reason or the other, it is equally important to pay attention to proper and safe usage. Since you will be using the toilet with other people, courtesy will go a long way.

The following are a few useful points that should guide you in case you are planning on leasing porta potties.

Bring Your Own Supplies

You should bring your own supplies like toilet paper and a hand sanitizer. Some of these toilets come with the supplies while some don’t. In some cases, you might be charged extra for the supplies. Even if they are available, you should have some yourself just in case the ones provided run out.

Seat Position

When you are using the porta potty, always make sure the toilet seat is upright. This is purely out of consideration for other people who will also be using the toilet. When you are through, put the seat cover down.

Proper Lighting

At night, make sure you have a flashlight. Installing a headband flashlight makes it easier for you because it is hands-free, and you do not need to keep fiddling around with it when you are in the toilet. Avoid flames like torches and candles when using water damage restoration Mesa AZ. This is because of the methane produced in the toilets, which is flammable.

Grab Your Belongings

Don’t make the mistake of leaving some of your items behind when leave the toilet. If you go to the toilet, make sure you leave with everything you came with, especially personal items.

Lock the Door

Even though water damage Mesa AZ give you a sense of privacy, don’t forget that you are still in a public access area. Remember to lock the door behind you until you are done.

Keep Your Head Up

If you know your stomach can’t handle it, do not look down. Go to the toilet, do your business and leave. You might not like what you see, and vomit, panic or faint in the process.

Garbage Disposal

There is stuff that should never be disposed of in the toilet. Just like you would do at home, don’t throw toilet paper rolls, baby wipes, tampons etc. into the toilet. They should be thrown in the trash bin because they will clog the system.

Safe Usage

Before you sit on the toilet seat, use toilet paper or a disposable toilet seat cover. You should try to prevent contact between your skin and germs. Alternatively, you can hover over the seat while you go about your business. Make sure, however, that you get the position right, so you do not miss.