Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

Apr - 19

Tips for Preventing Mold Growth

Mold growth is one of the toughest home maintenance challenges which, apart from looking hideous, can have some serious side effects on you and your family’s health, causing allergies, headaches, sinus problems and it can even aggravate an existing asthma condition. Mold can literally grow on any surface imaginable, and it’s really difficult to remove once it has started growing. The best preventative measure that you can take against painting Oakland, CA growth is to make your home an inhospitable environment for it.

This means avoiding humidity and moisture by making sure that your home’s cooling system gives off dry heat during the winter and cool air in the summer to keep surfaces dry at all times. However, if you do get mold growth, the best way to deal with it is to thoroughly wash it off with some soap and water. Don’t use chlorine bleach as it contains harmful chemicals that will negatively affect your health and the environment around you.

How to Prevent Mold Growth

-Here’s what you can do today to prevent Oakland painters growth in your home:

-Prevent fungus from spreading by wiping your shower or tub with a squeegee or a towel.

-Make sure the fan is running every time you take a bath.

-Avoid using bleach cleaning products and wipe moisture away with a towel as soon as it forms to keep mold-causing mildew at bay.

-Regularly check for leaking pipes, faucets, roofs, or foundation cracks that might introduce -moisture, and immediately mop up water spills.

-For those living in tropical or semi-tropical climates, it’s important to check your walls for mildew, especially behind furniture or beds.

-Get a professional to inspect your ductwork every now and then for any mold that may go undetected in your heating ducts and air conditioning vents. You should insist that they avoid the use of mildewcides which can be harmful to your health.

-Make sure that your home’s humidity levels are between 30% and 60% so you can avoid excess moisture from forming on your home’s windows.

-Make use of slightly diluted vinegar instead of bleach-based cleaners, or combine two teaspoons of tea tree oil with two cups of water for a really powerful fungicide that is not only organic, but will leave your surfaces completely disinfected. Adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle of your washing machine is also a great way to clean moldy clothes, which should be immediately washed.

-Mixing ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water and adding some elbow grease is a great way to restore the whiteness in your grout and tiles.

-For more stubborn house painting Oakland, CA growth use a paste made from a mix of water and borax, as well as a tough scrub brush.

-Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the surfaces you’re cleaning once you’re done.

-It’s dangerous to mix bleach with other chemical-laden cleaning products like ammonia, so avoid doing that at all costs.

-Should you come across water spillage or damage in any of your rooms, quickly switch on a few fans in the area to completely dry it out. If that doesn’t work, hire a water damage restoration professional to dry it out using powerful fans, vacuums and dehumidifiers that work quicker and more efficiently to help avoid mold growth.

-Carpets, ceiling tiles, and wallpaper are just a few examples of absorbent surfaces that should be immediately removed when affected by water damage, because they’re extremely difficult to clean, and in some cases, even impossible.